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Coindesk – July 29, 2020

How the EEA Made Ethereum Palatable to Big Business

The EEA created a concerted effort to get large corporates and tech providers on the same page when implementing private (or “permissioned”) versions of Ethereum technology. Thereafter, the EEA became a kind of standards organization for blockchain business, with one eye on a future state when the public blockchain might morph together with private implementations.

Sarson Funds – July 29, 2020

Future-Proof: EEA Driving Big Business to Ethereum

Since inception, Ethereum has courted the attention of large companies. At the enterprise-level, no blockchain protocol offers the robust maturity and prospects of Ethereum-powered smart contracts.

Coindesk – July 29, 2020

How the EEA Made Ethereum Palatable to Big Business

Ethereum has attracted the attention of large companies for almost as long as it has been around. But it wasn’t until early 2017 that a formal business-focused consortium came into being: the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

Week in Ethereum News – July 26, 2020

Week in Ethereum News July 26, 2020

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Ledger Insights – July 8, 2020

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance gets a new leader

Today standard organization, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), announced Dr. Daniel C. Burnett as its new executive director. He joins after spending two years at ConsenSys where his role was Blockchain Standards Architect and he’s been a director at standards body IEEE-ISTO for more than three years.

Lime Chain – June 22, 2020

LimeChain Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

LimeChain, a leading blockchain & DLT solutions company, announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the de facto standards organization for enterprise blockchain – one that is backed by the largest developer community in the world and a worldwide member-base.

Benzinga – June 11, 2020

Shamla Tech Widens Into Multiple Domains with EEA Membership

Shamla Tech, an International Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Application development company with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the defacto standards organization for enterprise blockchain, expands to provide customized solutions for various sectors.