EEA hosts regular webinars featuring EEA members and guest speakers on a range of Enterprise Ethereum and blockchain topics. In addition to our webinars for all participants, EEA also offers our members regularly scheduled webinars on a number of topics. EEA members can check the events calendar on the Member Collaboration site.

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Past Webinars

EEA Education Series: Aya Miyaguchi from the Ethereum Foundation + The State of the Ethereum Network

September 11, 2019

Presentation 1: The State of the Ethereum Network
Scott Bigelow from Amberdata will provide an in-depth view of Ethereum mainnet blockchain metrics and what they tell us about network health, utilization, smart contract adoption, and how Ethereum developer collaboration is driving these metrics. This presentation will provide an excellent opportunity for seeing how a blockchain works as well as answer questions for even the most experienced decentralized app developer.

Presentation 2: The Ethereum Foundation with Aya Miyaguchi and Joseph Schweitzer
Aya Miyaguchi and Joseph Schweitzer from the Ethereum Foundation will be on hand to talk about the Ethereum Foundation, how they work, their direction, and what’s coming up in the coming months.

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) announced that over $2.46 million in grants will be given to finance Ethereum 2.0 development. Please join to find out the role these grants will play in the evolution of the Ethereum network as well as the innovations the EF is bringing to foundation governance and grant selection and distribution.

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EEA Monthly Education Series (August 2019)

August 15, 2019

Evidence-Based Blockchain : A Five-Step Approach to Making Better, Scientific, Peer-Reviewed Decisions 
Cost-effective, efficient and evidence-based applications of blockchain tech remains one of the major challenges faced by the governments, businesses, and policymakers. Dr Naseem Naqvi from the British Blockchain Association outlines a systematic approach to evaluating problems that might require blockchain-based solutions and how we can achieve better outcomes by asking the right questions, searching for the right evidence, critically appraising the best-available information, applying the results to the problem at hand,and evaluating the final outcomes.

ETH2: Beyond the Beacon Chain
Dr. Robert Drost from ConsenSys R&D talksabout ETH2, the next version of Ethereum that promises greater throughput and scalability. He goes beyond the ETH2 Beacon Chain and talk about ETH2 Testnets and other developments surrounding this next stage of the Mainnet.

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EEA Education Series: Personal Security in a Crypto World

June 12, 2019

EEA APAC Friendly Education Series Personal Security in a Crypto World How Not to Lose $ in a Wallet

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Get to Know the EEA

May 28, 2019

In this presentation, EEA Membership Director Bill Allder walks you through the EEA’s mission, vision for the future and the value of becoming part of the organization.

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Token Taxonomy Initiative: Token Taxonomy Framework Overview

May 16, 2019

Learn more about the technology and financial services leaders behind the Token Taxonomy Initiative and the work ahead to define a universal token model. This webinar will explain how tokens work, the motivation for developing the Initiative to create a universal definition, and the work ahead to develop the potential token use cases and applications.

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Panel Discussion at Synchronize 2019

April 17, 2019

EEA Executive Director Ron Resnick participated in a panel discussion, Tokenization: The Regulatory and Technology Fabric for an Institutional Digital Security Market, with Marley Gray, Principal Architect, Azure Blockchain Engineering for Microsoft; Christine Moy, Executive Director, Blockchain Program Lead for J.P. Morgan; Mason Borda, CEO of Tokensoft, Inc.; and Frank Chaparro, Senior Correspondent for The Block.

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