New Members

To start your membership, please complete the membership application. Your application will be reviewed by the EEA membership team, and an email will be sent to you from DocuSign containing the relevant documents you and your company will need to review and execute. Upon receiving a signed Membership Agreement, the EEA will process your membership, which will take approximately 2-3 business days.

Class A members make up the EEA Board of Directors and enjoy all other rights of members. Classes B, C, and D were developed for different types of organizations:

  • Class B – the general membership level, appropriate for all organizations
  • Class C – legal practitioners and legal firms
  • Class D – Non Profits, including Government and Regulatory Agencies, NGOs, and Academic Institutions

Class B and C members enjoy the following benefits:

  • May Chair Working Groups and Interest Groups
  • May Create & Participate in Working Groups and Interest Groups
  • May Vote in Working Groups and Interest Groups
  • Access to Open Code
  • Invitation to All Member Meetings
  • May Host EEA Meet Up
  • Company logo on EEA Website
  • Included in New Member Press Release
  • Post Company Hosted Events to EEA Online Calendar
  • Discount on EEA Sponsorships

Class D members enjoy the same benefits as Class B and C members, with the exception of voting rights in the Working Groups and Interest Groups.

The EEA membership team will review your Membership Application within 1 – 3 business days, and be in touch with any questions. If there are no questions on your application, you will receive an email from DocuSign with the EEA Membership Agreement for signature.
Please check your spam email. If you still have not received the DocuSign email, please contact us at [email protected].
In DocuSign please select “Assign to Someone Else” listed under “Other Actions” and input the contact details of the correct contact.
It may take up to three business days for your membership agreement to be processed. If it has been longer than three days or your application requires immediate attention, please contact us at [email protected].

Membership Dues

Membership dues are determined based on company size or protocol FDV or market cap value. Please select the appropriate company size or protocol when completing the membership application
Membership is active for 1 (one) year from the month you join. If an organization joins in May 31, 2019, their membership will be active for one year until May 31, 2020, at which point their membership will be eligible for renewal.

The EEA can accept payment via any of the following methods. Please see the invoice sent to your organization from the EEA membership team for more details.

In the event any governmental authority imposes any sales, use or excise tax, duty, custom, levy, fee, or any other tax, charge or fee of any nature whatsoever related to the payment of the membership fees (collectively, the “Tax”), member shall be responsible to pay the Tax in full to ensure the Corporation collects the entire amount of its membership fees.