What are the different classes of membership?

Class A – Represents the organizations who make up the EEA Board of Directors.

Class B – Represents the organizations who make up the general membership. Members who fall under this membership class do not fall under the categories of the other membership classes.

Class C – Represents legal practitioners, both Law Firms and Solo Practitioners

Class D – Represents the organizations who are classified as non-profits, including Government and Regulatory Agencies, NGOs, and Academic Institutions.

What is the difference between membership Classes?

Class A members make up the EEA Board of Directors and enjoy all other rights of members. Class B and C members have exactly the same benefits:

  • May Chair Working Groups, SIGs, and Task Forces
  • May Create & Participate in Working Groups, SIGs, and Task Forces
  • May Vote in Working Groups, SIGs, and Task Forces
  • Access to Open Code
  • Invitation to All Member Meetings
  • May Host EEA Meet Up
  • Company logo on EEA Website
  • Included in New Member Press Release
  • Post Company Hosted Events to EEA Online Calendar
  • Discount on EEA Sponsorships

Class D members enjoy the same benefits as Class B and C members, with the exception of voting rights in the Working Groups, SIGs, and Task Forces.

How can I join?

To start your membership process please complete the form on the EEA website. Upon submission an email will be sent to you from DocuSign containing the EEA governing documents and EEA Membership Agreement. You and your company will need to review the governing documents and execute the Membership Agreement. Upon receiving a signed agreement, the EEA will process your membership.

What happens after I fill out the membership inquiry form?

You will receive an email for DocuSign with all the EEA governing document and membership agreement for you and your company to review and execute.

I completed the form but I did not receive the DocuSign email

Please check your spam email. If you still have not received the DocuSign email, please contact us at membership@entethalliance.org

Someone else needs to sign the DocuSign. How do I do that?

In DocuSign please Select “Assign to Someone Else” listed under Other Actions and input the contact details of the correct contact.

I completed the DocuSign, but nothing happened

It may take up to three business days for your membership agreement to be processed. If it has been longer than three days or your application requires immediate attention, please contact us at membership@entethalliance.org


How are membership dues determined?

Membership dues are determined based on company size. Please select the appropriate company size when completing the membership inquiry form. The exception is Class D membership (Non-Profit organizations), which carries annual dues of $3,000 USD regardless of company size.

How long is the membership term?

Membership is active for 1 (one) year from the month you join. If an organization joins in May 2018, their membership will be active for 1(one) year until May 31, 2019, at which point their membership will be eligible for renewal.

What payment methods are accepted?

The EEA can accept payment via any of the following methods. Please see the invoice sent to your organization from the EEA membership team for more details.

  • Wire
  • Check
  • Credit Card (only for those membership who payment is less than $3000 USD annually)
  • ETH (please contact payment@entethalliance.org)

Are the membership dues inclusive of taxes?

In the event any governmental authority imposes any sales, use or excise tax, duty, custom, levy, fee, or any other tax, charge or fee of any nature whatsoever related to the payment of the membership fees (collectively, the “Tax”), member shall be responsible to pay the Tax in full to ensure the Corporation collects the entire amount of its membership fees.


How do I get my company logo added to the EEA website?

Send a high-resolution version of your logo to membership@entethalliance.org.

How to I access the EEA Collaboration site?

The site can be accessed at https://member.entethalliance.org. To set up your account for the first time please complete this form: https://register.entethalliance.org using your corporate email address. An EEA staff member will create your account within one business day. Once your account is created you will receive an email from the Collaboration Site with instructions to login. If you have not received this message, please contact membership@entethalliance.org

How do I join a working group?

Login to EEA Collaboration Site and then navigate to “All Groups”. Find the group you would like to join and then click the blue join button.

What if I have forgotten my username/password?

If you have forgotten your login credentials or need assistance with your login information, please use the ‘forgot password’ option on the login page and make sure the @connectedcommunity.org domain is whitelisted so you receive the reset password email. If you continue to have trouble logging in, please contact us at membership@entethalliance.org

How can I renew an existing membership?

The EEA membership team will reach out to you via email with instructions to renew your membership approximately 60 days before your membership expires. If you would like to renew early or if you have any questions about your membership please contact us at membership@entethalliance.org.


My organization is affiliated with an EEA Member Organization. What are my options to participate?

Affiliate membership is open to all organizations that define standards and influence the adoption of Ethereum blockchain technology. This membership offers the opportunity to serve on EEA working groups, in addition to playing an active role in the standards development process.

What does my affiliate membership get me?

Affiliate Members are entitled to the following:

  • Access to the EEA Collaboration Site;
  • Observe activity in all EEA Working Groups and Special Interest Groups and EEA meetings;
  • Be informed of EEA activities, plans, and other membership related information and communications; and
  • Receive other benefits as approved by the resolution of the EEA Board of Directors from time to time.

Am I able to participate in voting as an affiliate member?

Only the designated entity of the affiliate membership may vote. Affiliates of the enterprise may not vote.

Can I participate in working groups as an affiliate member?

An Affilaite member may only participate in working groups as an observer, If an Affiliate Member wishes to participate and contribute to the activities of the EEA, a separate membership of any class, except Class A, must be applied for by an Affiliate Member in addition to the applicable agreement to the organizational documents and policies of the EEA.

Who ultimately has ownership of the Affiliate Membership?

The member in good standing (the “Designated Member”) of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Inc. (“EEA”) regarding the requirements applicable to the Designated Member’s Affiliates. “Affiliate” or “Affiliates” shall mean any entity that is, directly or indirectly, controlled by, under common control of, or that controls the subject party. For purposes of this definition control means direct or indirect ownership of or the right to exercise (a) greater than fifty (50%) percent of the outstanding shares or securities entitled to vote for the election of directors or similar managing authority of the subject entity; or (b) greater than fifty (50%) percent of the ownership interest representing the right to make decisions for the subject entity.