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Enterprise Time – March 11, 2020

EY launches Baseline protocol for public Ethereum

EY has launched its Baseline Protocol, a package of public domain blockchain tools. These enable enterprises to build and deploy procurement and other business processes securely and privately on the public Ethereum blockchain.

Coindesk – March 6, 2020

Information Overload is Stopping Us from Seeing the Truth

Yorke Rhodes III, a CoinDesk columnist, co-founded Blockchain at Microsoft and is principal program manager, Azure Blockchain engineering and board member of Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and founding team member of baseline protocol.

The Bulletin Time – March 3, 2020

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Launches Testing Ground for Blockchain Interoperability

Huobi, a significant cryptocurrency change, introduced the general public testnet launch of its open-source decentralized finance (DeFi) blockchain, Huobi Chain, on Feb. 29. Its purpose is to supply a regulator-friendly framework for monetary providers corporations to deploy functions in a wide range of finance-related sectors.

CryptoNinjas – February 13, 2020

Upstate Interactive joins BlockApps blockchain developer partner network

Software development firm Upstate Interactive, today announced it has joined with BlockApps, a blockchain development ecosystem as its newest consulting partner. Upstate Interactive will be using BlockApps STRATO to build private and permissioned blockchain solutions for clients.

Yahoo Finance – February 3, 2020

How Healthcare Uses Blockchain Technology – 2020 Market Report –

The current report provides detailed exposure to blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. This report also highlights current and future market potential of blockchain technology along with a detailed analysis of the competitive environment, technological advancement and market dynamics such as market drivers and factors restraining the market growth.

Blockonomi – January 29, 2020

Chainlink Tapped for New Task Force to Bring Big Enterprises to Ethereum

The EEA Mainnet Working Group, an initiative backed by both the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and the Ethereum Foundation to bring enterprises to the Ethereum mainnet, has formed a new task force that includes decentralized oracle project Chainlink as a key member.

Crypto News Flash – January 16, 2020

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announces launch of testnet

The EEA is a worldwide association of prominent companies from the tech industry that have set themselves the goal of advancing the development of the Ethereum blockchain technology. This conglomerate is the largest open source blockchain consortium in the world, which aims to deliver enterprise-ready software based on the Ethereum blockchain that can handle the most complex and demanding requirements of the corporate world.