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The Enterprisers Project – November 6, 2019

Blockchain in 2020: 5 trends to watch

Blockchain “tourism” is giving way to serious projects, and standards groups are tackling key pain points. Here’s what IT and business leaders should watch for in 2020

Yahoo! Finance – November 6, 2019

What is the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)?

According to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) website, the alliance is a member-driven standards organisation whose charter is to develop open blockchain specifications that drive harmonisation and interoperability for businesses and consumers worldwide.

Forbes – November 4, 2019

Microsoft To Help Enterprises Mint Their Own Ethereum Tokens

Microsoft is taking its secret platform for creating tokens similar to bitcoin out for a test drive. The software giant, which was among the first to accept bitcoin for payment, has created a mint for issuing a wide range of crypto assets.

Euromoney Magazine – September 25, 2019

Trade Finance and Blockchain: Now Is The Time For A Network Of Networks

What if corporates could go to just one place to access all trade finance blockchain services, to pick the best one for their needs, at the best price? What if you could create a sort of Compare the Market for trade finance blockchain – a network of networks?

Ledger Insights – September 25, 2019

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Outlines Telecoms Blockchain Use Cases

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s (EEA) has published a report outlining blockchain applications for the telecommunications industry. The report aims to encourage blockchain adoption by highlighting the potential for six use cases.

Blockonomi – September 25, 2019

Ethereum Pantheon Client Becomes “Besu” in Hyperledger

The Hyperledger blockchain consortium has officially welcomed Pantheon, an enterprise-minded Ethereum client written in Java by the ConsenSys-backed PegaSys engineering team, into its fold as “Hyperledger Besu.”