News and views from and about the Business Ethereum ecosystem – March 10, 2023

Meet Base

Today, we’re excited to announce the testnet launch of Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network offering a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly way for anyone, anywhere, to build decentralized apps onchain.

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Web3 Innovators Podcast – March 9, 2023

Where is Ethereum headed?

Ben Edgington of ConsenSys discussed Ethereum proof of stake, governance and the future of the Ethereum ecosystem on the Web3 Innovators podcast.

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Ethereum Foundation – March 1, 2023

Ethereum Foundation Account Abstraction Grants 2023

The Ethereum Foundation is looking to provide grants to any builders who are interested in continuing to improve and strengthen the infrastructure surrounding Account Abstraction on Ethereum. This grants round has up to $300,000 available to distribute to the community.

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CryptoNews – November 18, 2022

ETH Climate Platform Launches to Address Network’s PoW Emissions

The ETH Climate Platform, which intends to minimize the carbon emissions left by the Ethereum platform since its inception in 2015, was introduced at the COP 27 climate action conference by Web3 companies, including Founding Member EEA, representatives of civil society, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. EEA Board Member and Co-Founder of Blockchain at Microsoft Yorke Rhodes III also emphasized the company’s desire to assist EEA Board Member Joe Lubin, CEO of ConsenSys and Co-Founder of Ethereum, who said that while the Merge hit the highest standard for climate mitigation, the climate situation still demands more radical transformation.

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ConsenSys – November 17, 2022

COP27: Leading Technology Companies Launch “Ethereum Climate Platform” Initiative to Address Ethereum’s Former Proof of Work Carbon Emissions

Dan Burnett, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Executive Director: “Countries, governments, communities, and businesses of all sizes want a path forward to address the world’s climate emissions debt. The Ethereum Climate Platform addresses this need and makes Ethereum the first of many use cases to demonstrate how the world can benefit from this Platform. This is yet another example of Ethereum leading the way from moving to a more carbon-neutral footprint with the Merge to helping the world offset past climate emissions debt.

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Forbes – November 15, 2022

Panel: Institutional Defi: Corporate Adoption In A Post-Merge World

EEA Board members, Co-Founder of Blockchain at Microsoft Yorke Rhodes and EY Global Blockchain Leader Paul Brody presented on this Forbes panel Institutional Defi: Corporate Adoption In A Post-Merge World which highlighted the importance of Ethereum to business and spotlighted the EEA’s important work.

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VMware – November 9, 2022

VMware Blockchain v1.8: Supporting Enterprise-grade Ethereum Blockchains

EEA member VMware announced VMware Blockchain v1.8. In this release, VMware Blockchain for Ethereum will implement “account permissions” in accordance with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) specifications to provide the necessary tools and granularity to govern actions permitted by accounts on the blockchain.

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Wired – October 27, 2022

A Chaotic Crypto Launch Reveals How Hard It Is to Beat Ethereum

EEA Board Member Paul Brody, EY Global Blockchain Leader, is interviewed in article highlighting Ethereum performance success over others, including newly launched Aptos, a “blockchain that has reached nowhere near its maximum level of performance.” The article positions the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as an organization working to promote the use of Ethereum in commercial settings

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