Help Accelerate a Token-Powered Blockchain Future

The Token Taxonomy Initiative members developed the Token Taxonomy Framework V 1.0, offering a clear definition and scope of token concepts, including use cases, taxonomy, terminology, and specifications.

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View the TTI Framework Overview and Specifications

Help Define the Token Taxonomy

Join Token Taxonomy Initiative members to extend the baseline framework to:

  • Educate and clearly define a token in non-technical and across industry terms
  • Establish a common set of terms and definitions for use by business and technical participants
  • Create a Token Classification Hierarchy (TCH) that is simple to understand, organize and navigate
  • Decompose tokens into parts to power a framework for mixing and matching, driving reuse and innovation

Help Define Tokens

The Power of Tokens

Tokens will disrupt global economics and radically change how commerce will be transacted. While various implementations exist for tokens for specific blockchain platforms, the industry is currently lacking a venue for all participants to collaborate on a shared description and approach, resulting in a lack of interoperability, reuse, and common ground to address regulatory issues. The mission of the Token Taxonomy Initiative is to create this venue and develop a clear definition and scope of the token concept, including use cases, taxonomy and terminology, and a specification neutral to underlying technology

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