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Benzinga – August 14, 2017

HashCash Joins Microsoft, JP Morgan and MasterCard to Advance Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is now the world’s largest open-source blockchain alliance. The EEA connects the global financial organizations and manufacturers such as JP Morgan, MasterCard and Toyota with compelling ethereum experts such as ConsenSys and HashCash, to build enterprise-grade smart contract applications capable of handling complex, highly demanding business processes at lightning speed.

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Wealth Daily – July 19, 2017

Mastercard Backs Ethereum

When it comes to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announcement, it feels like Ethereum investors have been waiting for months.

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News BTC – July 19, 2017

Ereum Enterprise Alliance Wel Big Names Including Mastercard & Cisco

Interesting things are happening for the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance these days. This open-source blockchain initiative is attracting a lot of attention lately. With several dozen members on board after just seven months, things are looking quite good. The latest companies to join the EEA include Cisco, MasterCard, Scotiabank, and others. The whole world wants to embrace blockchain technology, by the look of things.

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Finextra – July 19, 2017

Mastercard and Scotiabank join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Mastercard, Cisco and Scotiabank have added their weight to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as part of a wave of 34 new members signing up for the project to promote the uptake of Ethereum as the foundation for running smart contracts in Fortune 500 enterprises.

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