A Virtual Event from the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Listen to the recordings from this April 2021 event, featuring top business leaders, technologists, and industry experts discuss how they are using public Ethereum to drive value, speed up settlement times, increase transparency, and decentralize commerce across all industry sectors.

Topic (Click topic title for the recording) Speaker
The Art of the Possible - Real World Examples from the World of DeFi Karen Scarbrough, BP
The State of Ethereum & Ethereum Roadmap Tim Beiko, Ethereum Foundation
The Baseline Protocol - Enterprise DeFi and Verified Multiparty Workflows Rachel Wolfson, Cointelegraph | John Wolpert, ConSensys
On-Chain vs Off-Chain: Where Compute and Storage Happens in Supply Chain and Real Estate Todd R. Smith, KYG Trade LLC and The OriginBX Foundation | Patrick O’Meara, Inveniam
An Earth Day Case Study: Making Sense of Climate Relevant Data Steven Haft, ConSensys | Bill Kentrup, Allinfra
Low Code Ethereum Applications: Service Now and Provide Nicola Attico, ServiceNow | Kyle Thomas, Provide
NFTs in Business and Commerce Vanessa Grellet, CoinFund | Shailee Adinolfi, ConSensys | Daniel Norkin, Envision Blockchain | Yorke E. Rhodes III, Microsoft | Jodee Rich, NFT.NYC
Decentralized Finance – An Interview with Aave Founder Stani Kulechov Stani Kulechov, Aave
An Update on Eth2 Preston Van Loon, Prysmatic Labs
How Layer 2 Addresses Barriers for Enterprises Building on the Mainnet Tas Dienes, Ethereum Foundation
Idealists vs Realists: A Debate on Eth2, Layer2, Rollups, and More Daniel Ivanov, LimeChain | Didier Le Floch, Codefi | Andreas Freund, QLCChain, Spherity, Mobi, Envision Blockchain
Fireside Chat: Ethereum Takes over the World Joseph Lubin, ConSensys | Ryan Sean Adams, MythosCapital and Bankless | Tegan Kline, Edge & Node | Rini Krishnan, KPMG