Hear what some leaders in the blockchain ecosystem are saying about Enterprise Ethereum and the EEA.

EEA’s Architectural Stack Video: In this video, EEA Technical Standards Working Group Conor Svensson explains the high-level architecture for EEA’s Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification V2 standard.

Yorke Rhodes III

Co-founder, Blockchain, Microsoft

Amber Baldet

Co-founder and CEO, Clovyr

Sophia Lopez

Founder, Kaleido

George Ornbo

CTO, Clearmatics

Dan Burnett

Blockchain Standards Architect

Conor Svensson

Founder, and CEO of Web3 Labs
Chairperson, EEA Technical Specifications Working Group

Alessandro Voto

Director, ConsenSys

Kelly LeValley Hunt

Global Vice President of Sales, BlockApps

Dan Selman

CTO, Clause

Cen Liu

Sr. Product Manager, BlockApps