Empower Your Future: Join EEA’s Fast-Growing Global Community

By joining the EEA, you and your organization will be in the company of some of the most influential businesses in every sector from around the globe. EEA membership gives your organization access to cutting-edge advancements in Enterprise Ethereum Blockchain Technology, and the opportunity to help make them happen!

By participating in our special interest groups or technical working groups, you will engage with your peers to develop new business models that address specific challenges within EVERY industry, including yours.

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Collaboration is the Name of the Game

With a global membership that is expanding rapidly, the collaborative clout of the EEA cannot be overstated. Our numbers and our diversity enable us to be at the cutting edge of development and deployment of Enterprise Ethereum Blockchain Technology.


Global developer community of 3,000+ contributors


Model complex assets and workflows across public and private blockchains.


15+ user groups across 25 industries and 6 continents

EEA has established a password-protection Member Collaboration Site to support ongoing specification and use case development and refinement. Members are given a password to access this online repository of documents, calendar, member contact information, and more. On the site, members can collaboratively create and edit specifications and documents with confidentiality, security, and transparency, with tools such as GitHub and Slack.