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Coinchange is a Canadian fintech company founded in 2018 with the mission to enable access to a fair, innovative, and inclusive financial future for all.

With Coinchange it’s easy to automate earnings, invest in institutional crypto funds, and earn with confidence regardless of the market conditions due to their risk-managed yield strategies that provide a consistent return on investments.

Coinchange provides cutting-edge products and services to businesses, individuals, and institutions looking to unlock the full potential of digital assets. A user-friendly platform and innovative solutions allow financial advisers, crypto hedge funds, and high net worth clients to automate earnings, invest in institutional crypto funds, trade seamlessly, and access yield as a service.

Coinchange prioritizes security, compliance, and risk-mitigation, working with industry leaders, to earn and maintain the trust and assets of its clients.

Join today and yield the impossible with Coinchange.

Areas of Expertise:

Asset Management, Stablecoin Earn Products, DeFi Yield, Fund
Earn Yield: Allocate capital today via actively managed strategies across pools, SMAs or Fund structures. Fund Management: Connecting institutional TradFi to the DeFi markets.
Earn API: Offer your customers an institutional grade yield service through your own UI & 1-simple API integration.
Trading Liquidity, OTC & Payments: Safe, secure and competitive large volume trading to US, EU and global markets and payouts via gift and prepaid credit cards.