A Virtual Event from the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Listen to the recordings from this July 30, 2020 event, which brought together the top business leaders, technologists, program managers, and industry experts in the Enterprise Ethereum and Mainnet Ethereum space.

Topic (Click topic title for the recording) Speaker
Welcome: The State of Enterprise Ethereum Adoption John Whelan, Banco Santander | Yorke Rhodes III, Microsoft
Baseline Protocol: Automating Core Business Processes John Wolpert, ConsenSys
Built on the Ethereum Mainnet
Finance – Digital Bonds on the Ethereum Mainnet Maria Concepcion (Coty) de Monteverde, Banco Santander
Business Integration – Evolution and Developments Stefan Schmidt, Unibright
Supply Chain – Supply Chain Management and the Mainnet Kartheek Solipuram, EY
Sustainability – Carbon Emissions Accounting Jason Pancis, Envision Blockchain
Automation – Synchronize Everything, Introducing Baseline as a Service Kyle Thomas, Provide Technologies | George Spasov, LimeChain
The Mainnet Now and in the Future Tas Dienes, Ethereum Foundation | Dan Norkin, Envision Blockchain | John Wolpert, ConsenSys | Kartheek Solipuram, EY
Blockchain for Social Impact – Payments and Financial Inclusion Vanessa Grellet, ConsenSys
Ethereum Adoption By Enterprise - Commerce
bp – The Blockchain Journey Karen Scarbrough, bp
PwC – Transforming Identity and Credentials Haydn Jones, PwC
Ethereum in Finance Christine Moy, J.P. Morgan | Artem Korenyuk, DTCC | Valerie Dahiya, Perkins Coie LLP | Adam Clarke, Fnality
The Enterprise Blockchain Technology Stack & Roadmap Chaals Nevile, EEA
Ethereum Adoption by Enterprise – Technology
Microsoft – NextGen Cloud Signing Patterns Cale Teeter, Microsoft | Yorke Rhodes III, Microsoft
Chainlink – Connecting Smart Contracts to Off-chain Data & Events Adelyn Zhou, Chainlink
iExec – Interoperability and Privacy Tools for DeFi Jean-Charles Cabelguen, iExec
Community and the Role of the Ethereum Foundation
What is the Ethereum Foundation and What Does It Do Tas Dienes, Ethereum Foundation
Ethereum Magicians, Cat Herders, and Others in the EF Community James Pitts, Ethereum Foundation
EEA Fireside Chat and Special Introduction John Whelan, EEA Chairman | Dan Burnett, EEA Executive Director
ETH Encore: ETH 2.0 and the 5th Anniversary Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys | Ryan Sean Adams, Mythos Capital | John Whelan, EEA Chairman