As an EEA member, brainbot is part of the EEA community of organizations working to advance Ethereum and drive industry adoption. In the Q&A below, the EEA interviewed Heiko Franßen, brainbot’s CEO, about how the organization contributes to the Ethereum business ecosystem. 

Please introduce your company and yourself.

I am Heiko Franßen, the CEO of brainbot technologies AG. brainbot is a Web3 venture builder and professional services provider with offices in Mainz and Berlin, Germany. Our team consists of 35 employees, connected through our common enthusiasm for open, secure, and reliable infrastructure.

We envision a world in which decentralized peer-to-peer technology empowers people to self-organize effectively, so that they are less reliant on top-down power structures and their negative side effects.

Our goal is to bootstrap projects which bring these decentralized technologies to the market, with a focus on projects that are rooted in the Ethereum ecosystem.

What first brought you to the EEA, and why did you decide to become a member?

We joined EEA because we believe that it is crucial for the adoption of Ethereum that companies in the ecosystem are well-connected. Our goal at the EEA is to learn from others, exchange best practices and build a strong network.

What are you currently working on with regards to Ethereum? How will end-users benefit from your work?

Over the past seven years, brainbot developed several infrastructure-related projects. After contributing to the first Ethereum Python client, we developed Raiden Network, which is a scaling solution based on payment channels. 

Currently, we are building Shutter Network, a project that aims to prevent front running on Ethereum by using a threshold cryptography-based distributed key generation (DKG) protocol. We are also building Beamer Bridge, which is a UX-focused rollup-to-rollup bridge, that allows users to receive their funds immediately, without claiming periods.

Furthermore, we have recently launched our venture builder, which aims to use our extensive knowledge and experience to develop more projects that can positively impact the ecosystem. Lastly, we now also put our skills to work through our professional services unit, which provides smart contract audits, consulting, and development services.

How will the EEA enhance your organization’s current efforts?

We’re expecting to profit from the extensive network that we have built over the years. Brainbot is open to exchanging and collaborating on a variety of topics. Additionally, we are following the work of several working groups with great interest, as their output can be a good indicator for future market developments.

What EEA programs are you most excited about?

We are most interested in the EEA’s working groups, such as the DeFi Risk Assessment, Management and Accounting (DRAMA) Working Group and the EthTrust Security Levels Working Group.

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