As an EEA member, UNCX Network is part of the EEA community of organizations working to advance Ethereum and drive industry adoption. In the Q&A below, the EEA interviewed Antoine Chaveron, UNCX’s CEO and co-founder, about how the organization contributes to the Ethereum business ecosystem.

Please introduce your company and yourself.

My name is Antoine Chaveron, and I have been contributing to the space for five years. I co-founded UNCX (formerly known as UniCrypt) in 2020 with our other co-founder after having met in an anonymous Telegram chat and bootstrapped the project. UNCX Network is a multi-chain decentralized services provider. Our products allow for streamlined deployment of tokens and new ideas while emphasizing security and transparency. For instance, we created liquidity locking to help make the space more secure and we are now the leading lockers on Ethereum.

What first brought you to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and why did you decide to become a member?

Most of our business is on Ethereum; therefore, we are actively looking to collaborate with and integrate ourselves into the community. As the EEA has a strong B2B presence in the Ethereum ecosystem and with other parties relevant to us, we decided it would be highly beneficial for us to join.

What are you currently working on with regards to Ethereum? How will end-users benefit from your work? 

Although we cannot disclose details of what we are building until it is finalized, all of our services are available on the Ethereum blockchain and all emphasize security. We are currently working to promote the use of liquidity locking across all projects, as we believe this will make the whole chain safer and will increase the attractiveness of projects to investors.

We are constantly looking for ways to protect users – our new minter, for example, includes preventing mechanics against trading bots (that can hurt small blockchain/Ethereum-based start-ups) and includes a Lossless integration to help spot suspicious contracts. LossLess code components can serve to mitigate some risks & retrieve funds when malicious activity is happening.

How will the EEA enhance your organization’s current efforts? 

We are passionate about creating products with security features. We are looking to connect and collaborate with projects who are building with the same mentality. We are also looking for increased exposure on the concept of liquidity locking, as we believe it is essential for the chain that this tool becomes status quo amongst all projects, whether established or recent launches. Decentralization equals more security, and if no one owns their LPs on Ethereum, the chain will be a stellar example of DeFi. The EEA is a great environment for developing all these benefits.

What EEA programs are you most excited about?

We are eager to contribute our technical resources and to collaborate with other EEA members. We are also enthusiastic about using the EEA as a platform to help us advocate for practices that increase the transparency and decentralization of the chain.

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