16 January 2024

The EEA’s Defi Risk Assessment, Management, and Accounting Working Group (more often called the “DRAMA WG“) today released a Review Draft of its Defi Risk Guidelines discussion paper. The group invites public comment on the draft through 15 April 2024. The Review Draft is available at https://entethalliance.org/specs/drafts/defi-risks/20230116/.

The discussion paper offers a guide to the risks involved in working with DeFi, and how to assess, manage, account for and mitigate them. Primarily written for DeFi Protocol Users and Protocol Investors, it is also relevant to Protocol Developers seeking to minimise the risks in their Protocol. Likewise it can also inform, and the Working Groups hopes it will be informed by feedback from standards-setters and regulators.

The Working Group has developed this document over the last year, with contributors from large and small companies specializing in relevant areas such as DeFi, Accounting, Risk Management and Information Security.

Please provide comments through the EEA Website Contact Page. For more information on feedback sought, please see the section Feedback in the document itself.