Enterprise Ethereum Alliance expands dramatically announcing 86 new members including Broadridge, DTCC, Deloitte, Infosys, Merck KGaA, MUFG, National Bank of Canada, Rabobank, Samsung SDS, State Street, Toyota and many of the most innovative startups in the Ethereum Ecosystem


NEW YORK, NY; May 22nd, 2017 – Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), a newly formed enterprise collaboration focused on Ethereum blockchain technology, is pleased to announce the addition of over 86 new companies to its membership with many continuing to onboard and be announced in the upcoming months. Comprised of the most advanced enterprises and startup blockchain innovators, EEA is designed to build, promote, and broadly support Ethereum-based technology best practices, standards, and a reference architecture, EntEth 1.0.

The new members of EEA include Access, Adapt Forward, Alchemy Limited, AlphaPoint, Antony Welfare, Aquarius Capital Management, AutoBoard Systems, Axcent LLC, Bancor, BigchainDB, Blk Technologies, Blockchain Hub Limited, BlockCypher, Brian Ray, Broadridge, CareChain, CCA, Clause, Clearmatics Technologies, Clozer Technologies, CoinFund, Coinplug, ConsenLabs, Consensus Base, Couger, CryptoMKT, CYPHA GmbH, Dapps.ai, Datarella, DeliverThat, De Cooperatieve Rabobank U.A, Deloitte, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), DigixGlobal, Dinosaur Dog, ElectricChain, Elevondata Labs Inc., Etherisc, Fundacion CTIC Centro Tecnologico, Gem, Global Consent Limited, Global Trade Guardian – LexEcon Consulting Group, Hashed Health, Hijro, Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Infosys, InGauge Trading Technologies Inc., Ian Pilon, Infrachain Asbl, Intelligent’er Re’Development, ING, iPaynow, Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Institute, Kaula, Ledger, Libra, Melonport, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, MME, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Model Communities Association, Musicoin, National Bank of Canada, Noah Perius, Nordic Alliance, NXN, Parkview Ventures, Qingxin Technology, Red Chalk Group, Samsung SDS, San Francisco Stock Exchange, Smart Contract Japan, SmartU Electronics Trading L.L.C, State Street Emerging Technologies Center, Synechron, Taishin Financial Holdings, Taiwan FinTech Association, Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Toyota Research Institute, TraderLynk Ltd, Trust Stamp, UNLP, Utocat, Vanbex Group, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, and Zerocoin Electric Coin Company.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) was formed earlier this year, seeking to evolve Ethereum so that is can serve as an enterprise-grade technology. EEA’s research and development is focused on privacy, confidentiality, scalability, and security. EEA is also investigating hybrid architectures that span both permissioned and public Ethereum networks as well as industry specific application layer working groups.

Julio Faura, chairman of EEA and head of blockchain r&d at Santander expressed, “The enthusiasm around EEA is remarkable. Our new members come from varying industries such as pharma, mobile, banking, automotive, management consulting, and hardware as well as the startup community driving innovation. It’s great to see everyone come together and build the next generation of our economy on Ethereum blockchain solutions.”

EEA will collectively develop industry standards and facilitate open source collaboration with its member base and is open to any members of the Ethereum community who wish to participate. This collaborative framework will enable the mass adoption at a depth and breadth otherwise unachievable in individual corporate silos and provide insight to the future of scalability, privacy, and confidentiality of the public Ethereum permissionless network.

For additional information about joining EEA, please reach out to [email protected].



“Our association is proud to be a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance as we grow the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore and South East Asia. We look forward to extend the objectives of Access and Enterprise Ethereum by connecting enterprises, startups, academia with Ethereum subject matter experts.”



Adapt Forward

“Adapt Forward is excited to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to collaborate with industry leaders within the blockchain community and deliver next generation cyber defense capabilities.”

—Michael Jenks, Chief Operating Officer, Adapt Forward


Alchemy Limited

“Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is doing something I’ve wanted to see for years — bringing Blockchain value to the global economy. New Alchemy is excited to be a part of this community of Ethereum early adopters and innovators.”

—Peter Vessenes, Managing Director, Alchemy Limited



“Blockchain technology can and will change the way the world transacts over the next 20 years. We are excited to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and be part of one of the greatest communities driving blockchain adoption in the Enterprise, merging the benefits of public and private blockchains. We are aligned in that mission and are proud to be helping large financial institutions deploy this cutting-edge technology to drive internal efficiencies as well as new products and services into the market.”

Igor Telyatnikov, President & COO, AlphaPoint


Antony Welfare

“I am absolutely delighted to be a part of EEA, helping to drive the Ethereum and Blockchain agenda for Enterprises, in the Retail and Consumer brands sectors.”

—Antony Welfare


AutoBoard Systems

“Let’s avoid that Malthusian end! Join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance like AutoBoard Systems to support the growing ecosystem of the only smart contract blockchain that’s being used in enterprise right now!”

—Michael Green, CEO, AutoBoard Systems



“Bancor is a non-profit foundation focused on the development of a protocol for smart tokens, which provide a technological solution to the liquidity challenge. We are excited to join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to bring the next-generation of cryptocurrencies to corporate partners around the world.”

—Guy Benartzi, Co-Founder, Bancor



“BigchainDB is proud to support the enterprise Ethereum ecosystem with its decentralized database technology.”

—Bruce Pon, Co-Founder, BigchainDB


Blk Technologies

“Blk Technologies’ creation of the open source library web3j enabled a number of enterprises to integrate with Ethereum, but also identified key challenges for those enterprises who want to work with blockchain technology in production environments. Through collaboration with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance members, and working closely with enterprises on their blockchain integrations, Blk Technologies is committed to building a true enterprise-grade blockchain platform, which builds on Ethereum’s world-class technology.”

Conor Svensson, Founder & CEO, Blk Technologies


Blockchain Hub Limited

“Blockchain Hub, London, is delighted and privileged to be part of the Ethereum family and looks forward to the advent of the world computer to power the future.”

—Haydn Jones, Managing Director, Blockchain Hub Limited



“We are excited to see the collaboration between startups and enterprises in developing standards for Ethereum private and public blockchain applications.”

—Catheryne Nicholson, CEO & Co-Founder, BlockCypher


Brian Ray

“Blockchain is simply shared data across multiple computers.”

—Brian Ray



“Broadridge is committed to developing innovative technology solutions and believes blockchain has the potential to transform the industry in the long term. We believe industry collaboration is essential and are excited to be a part of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.”

—Vijay Mayadas, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Corporate Strategy & Head of US Fixed Income, Broadridge



“When laying the foundation for a robust interoperable healthcare system, we need to start at the protocol level and design new infrastructure that is owned and controlled by no one and everyone. We need identity and digital value protocol layers and we need immutable health records controlled by their rightful owners. Due to regional data protection regulations, like GDPR, privacy sensitive information, like health records, must be guaranteed to stay within specific geographic jurisdictions. This is why public chain deployment is not yet an option. Together with The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, we want to contribute to the development of required tooling and policy frameworks to run permissioned blockchains as critical infrastructure. Leveraging the decentralized computing platform, we are reinventing data management for the entire healthcare system. We are forming a consortium, CareChain, to deploy Trusted Infrastructure, starting in Sweden and the European Union.”




“The CCA was founded by Globility Limited and comitFS as a result of the growing complexity of communication offerings within the financial markets coupled with the tightening of regulations in the advent of MiFiDII. The CCA is working to define a standard for the provisioning of communication channels; a means for third party integrators to access and control these channels and finally, a record of interaction with the channels for regulatory compliance. We are committed to working with the Banks, Service Providers and System Integrators in order to move the burden of compliance from that of a costly overhead, for the banks, to a useful, normalised CDR data set delivered within the fabric of trader communication.”

—Oliver Kemmis, Co-Founding Partner, CCA



“Clause is thrilled to bring the first legal contracts and enforceable agreement standards to the Alliance. The Ethereum ecosystem’s promise of serving as an immutable world computer is an ideal fit for the data-driven contract life cycle management platform and network that Clause is developing for the enterprise needs of tomorrow.”

—Houman Shadab, Co-Founder, Clause


Clearmatics Technologies

“Joining the EEA is about collaborating with our friends in the Ethereum ecosystem and our corporate partners to promote distributed automation of business processes in capital markets and beyond. Enterprise and Ethereum are better together, and together we can develop the standards and technologies needed for a global network of inter-operable blockchains, private and public.”

—Robert Sams, CEO, Clearmatics Technologies


Clozer Technologies

“Clozer Technologies is excited to take part in this important effort to help spread the use of Ethereum and blockchain technology to our enterprise customers looking to accelerate their sales efforts with peer to peer sales intelligence and empower their salespeople with advanced machine intelligence.”

—Jim Ritchie, CEO, Clozer Technologies



“CoinFund is thrilled to join a professional network dedicated to the future of Ethereum and blockchain technology. Our mission is to support the safe, compliant, and responsible implementation of these technologies in diverse industries, and we hope that EEA membership will help us to achieve these goals.”




“Coinplug has been a blockchain technology company representing South Korea and provides enter blockchain services and solutions both in financial and non-financial business sectors. As a blockchain company, we believe that ethereum offers scalable and robust blockchain platform and makes disruptive innovation in various industries.We are glad to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance(EEA). And we look forward to contributing on projects within the alliance and advancing ethereum platform to enterprise level.”




“As an early adopter to Ethereum in China, we aim to build a friendly interface to scale Blockchain into the mainstream. There is still a long way the Blockchain ecosystem has to go before it truly delivers on its revolutionary potential. We look forward to continuing our collaborations with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to address scalability, interoperability and privacy.”

—Bin He, Founder & CEO, ConsenLabs


Consensus Base

“Consensus Base, a blockchain consulting and development startup based in Tokyo. We would like to contribute to your alliance by utilizing our past experience and knowledge with Ethereum,and giving some feedbacks. We also would like to use Ethereum for an enterprise because we have various requests from our customers. We are truly grateful to have this opportunity.”

—Consensus Base



“The autonomous world realized by AI, Robotics and IoT will come. We believe that the most important technology to complete it is the Blockchain. On the other hand, Blockchain is still developing technologies and it is a great honor to be able to contribute to the development with the EEA.”

—Atsushi Ishii, CEO, Couger



“CryptoMKT aims to connect southamerica to a new global economy powered by blockchain technology.”

—Rafael Meruane N., Co-Founder, CryptoMKT



“EEA is an incredible approach to leverage ethereum blockchain tech across global and heterogeneous businesses. A vertical and horizontal community setup to bring right heads to the table.”




“Dapps.ai is very excited to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The right combination of people, capital, and technology in unison with definite purpose creates revolution and lasting impacts that shape the world. Enterprise Ethereum and a common alliance of organizations with a shared vision have enormous value to the ecosystem.




“Ethereum smart contracts deliver the backbone to most projects we realize for our enterprise clients. We at Datarella strongly believe in joint industry efforts – this is an important step to maturity of blockchain technology, and we are proud helping to shape it.”

—Joerg Blumtritt, CEO, Datarella



“Ethereum and the EEA will enable DeliverThat to worry less on infrastructure and IT. Zero percent chance of downtime will allow us to focus on what’s most important, the customer.”

—Aaron Hoffman, CEO, DeliverThat



“We have been investing on the Ethereum platform for a while. We are excited to actively contribute to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and drive blockchain adoption globally.”

—Eric Piscini, Global Blockchaiin Financial Services Leader, Deloitte


The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC)

“DTCC is proud to be a member of the EEA,” stated Rob Palatnick, Managing Director, Chief Technology Architect at DTCC.“DTCC has been focused on advancing DLT initiatives for the benefit of the financial services industry for the past few years. Our membership will enable us to extend our support for popular open source DLT communities, with a long term goal to establish standards and achieve interoperability across ledgers.”

—The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC)



“Digix is proud to be part of the EEA. Apart from Ethereum, no other blockchains have avid coordination, cooperation and sharing of technology amongst independent organizations as a key tenet to its success and scalability.”

—Kai C. Chng, CEO, DigixGlobal


Dinosaur Dog

“Dinosaur Dog is proud to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance in transforming tomorrow’s economy through superior technology. At Dinosaur Dog, we specialize in turning good ideas into great businesses through innovative strategy rooted in a deep understanding of blockchain technology. We believe there is no finer place for the cultivation of revolutionary ideas than right here in the EEA.”

—Luke W. Riddle, Founder & CEO, Dinosaur Dog



“ElectriCChain and the SolarCoin ecosystem are enthusiastic at joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and deploying tools to tackle the SolarCoin mission in initiating the Energy Transition.

EEA provides for a solid network of companies and group to deploying solutions for Smart Contract applications and we are excited to working on such common tasks.”



Elevondata Labs Inc.

“While Bitcoin solved for the issue of “store of value” for money in the digital age, Ethereum solves for the next natural step of automation of contracts around the flow of digital money, goods, identity etc. as a decentralized, distributed trust network that will impact all industries. Elevondata, a leading Cloud SI with strong roots in Cloud, Open Source, Big Data, Robotic Process Automation and Application Development is well poised to help Enterprises adopt Ethereum and give them a listening ear at EEA with their standards and compatibility needs.”

—Rohit Tandon, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Elevondata Labs Inc.



“We are very excited to join up with such a diverse group of technology leaders in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. We are looking forward to making critical contributions to the EEA’s Insurance Working Group, and doing our part to deliver Ethereum-based solutions that will disrupt the insurance industry while bringing positive, dynamic change to consumers and to the world.”

—Stephan Karpischek, Co-Founder & CEO, Etherisc


Fundacion CTIC Centro Tecnologico

“At CTIC Centro Tecnológico we explore the potential of applying blockchain technologies in different industries for the development of really useful applications for individuals and companies. We use the Ethereum platform to create applications for solving real-world issues and help businesses unleash the full potential of blockchain. In this sense we are aligned with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and we look forward to contribute to coming challenges.”

—Pablo Priesca, General Director, Fundacion CTIC Centro Tecnologico



“We are excited to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn, define and build enterprise-grade blockchain applications together with other enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors.”

—Siva Kannan, VP, Engineering, Gem


Global Consent Limited

“Ethereum is a foundational layer for our socio-economic development decentralised applications. For instance, this provides a decentralised protocol to administer government subsidies and monitor service delivery for Early Childhood Development programs in Africa. National regulations require compliant ways of dealing with citizen data and for deploying government information systems. Enterprise Ethereum offers a more realistic and lower-risk architecture for deploying decentralised applications in these contexts. The Alliance provides a community of practice in which to learn and develop, as the Web3 ecosystem evolves.”

—Dr. Shaun Conway, Founder, Global Consent Limited


Global Trade Guardian – LexEcon Consulting Group

“Ethereum Creates Contract Centricity: A Landmark in Digitizing, Synchronizing and Securing Supply Chains Globally.”

—Global Trade Guardian – LexEcon Consulting Group


Hashed Health

“There is amazing potential for Ethereum and smart contracts in healthcare. Hashed Health is excited to work with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance on defining and developing

enterprise-grade solutions that can safely and securely handle the complexities of the evolving healthcare marketplace.”

—John Bass, Founder & CEO, Hashed Health



“Creating an alliance around establishing standards for enterprise applications on DLT, allows for an incredible amount of acceleration when trying to move blockchain technology from theoretical to practical uses.”

—Lamar Wilson, CEO, Hijro


Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

“As Illinois’ financial services regulator, we are committed to embracing the potential that distributed ledger technologies bring to our financial institutions. Its potential to dramatically lower transactional costs, automate manual processes, and reduce opportunities for fraud and risk are truly promising. Through our collaboration with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, we look to provide the support and engagement necessary to ensure the commercial and social viability of this emerging technology.”

—Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation



“As a global leader in technology services and consulting, Infosys proactively invests in emerging technologies and innovation-led thinking with a promise to deliver consistent value to our customers. Many years of blockchain research, development and prototyping have validated our long-held belief that a collaborative approach yields the best results. With our

proof-of-concept projects across industry sectors and in financial markets in particular, we find Ethereum to have an extremely promising architecture for smart contracts, scalability, and network security. We look forward to working with fellow EEA members to develop robust standards and capabilities that will enable this technology to reach its full potential.”

—Ravikumar S., President & Chief Delivery Officer, Infosys


Infrachain Asbl

“As a non-profit organisation developing community blockchain services, Luxembourg-based Infrachain supports the effort of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to create standards and interoperability between different chain environments. We are looking forward to collaborate with EEA in order to drive our common agenda.”

—Marco Houwen, Project Lead, Infrachain Asbl



“For ING, leading edge technology is the key to developing innovative solutions for our customers and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a perfect example of how we play at the forefront of these developments. Ethereum is an extremely powerful multi-purpose blockchain and we’re proud to partner with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to leverage this computing platform to seek efficient and secure propositions for our clients.”

—Ivar Wiersma, Head of Wholesale Banking Innovation, ING



“With rich payment service experience, iPaynow will devote to practicing EEA development philosophy in China payment fields, perseveringly promoting the commercialization of blockchain application.”

—Jinming Cui, CEO, iPaynow


Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Institute

“JBI is very excited to join the EEA, will participate in the work including the protocol layer and application layer, and actively promote the EEA education and application in the Chinese community.”

—Denny Wang, CTO, Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Institute



“We named a new blockchain company Kaula which means chain or connect, focusing its direction on blockchain and internet of things to be namely connected, and are very much expecting Enterprise Ethereum enlarges adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises and industries. We are so much excited to work with EEA, looking forward to globally expanding partnership.”

—Katsuji Okamoto, CEO, Kaula



“Ledger has introduced the Hardware Oracle technology, bridging the Ethereum realm of smart contracts to the physical world. We are excited to be part of the EEA where we’ll be focusing on securing the inputs and outputs of the Ethereum blockchain and enable the deployment of applications into production ready environments with optimal safety.”

—Eric Larchevêque, CEO & Co-Founder, Ledger



“The creation of the EEA is a fantastic step forward for the Ethereum community, specifically, and blockchain technology at large. Many of Libra’s enterprise clients are building next generation systems on Ethereum and we are eager to engage and help build a stronger, better ecosystem that suits the business needs of enterprises.”

—Jake Benson, Founder & CEO, Libra



“Ethereum has played an important role in giving us the tools to imagine and build the future for digital asset management. Melonport is passionate about creating new value on top of the protocol and providing support to the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. The EEA lays a great framework for the Ethereum ecosystem to grow and flourish within traditional enterprise, and we look forward to seeing that happen with Melon protocol.”

—Mona El Isa, CEO & Co-Founder, Melonport


Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

“We are a global science and technology company headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany. With a history of nearly 350 years we are the oldest chemical and pharmaceutical company in the world. Curiosity fuels business development and enables companies like ours to remain competitive. We are curious to co-create with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance on distributed ledger architectures & solutions for future digital markets in Health Care and Life Sciences to come.”

Andreas J. Schindler Director Ideation, Innovation & Technology Foresight, Merck KGaA



“The incorporation of Ethereum Foundation in Zug, Switzerland, and the respective Ether pre-sale have been landmark events not only for the crypto community, but also for our firm”

says Dr. Luka Mueller, founding partner of MME Legal | Tax | Compliance which acted as Swiss advisor to the project. “Since then, MME has assisted a significant number of other ventures in the blockchain community, and has been growing into a hidden champion in the area of tokenized ecosystems. Therefore, we are very proud to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as of today and to continuously support the Ethereum ecosystem with our brain power and crypto enthusiasm.”

—Dr. Luka Mueller, MME


Model Communities

“Model Communities Association is excited to participate in the unfolding uses of this exciting technology to further its mission of cultivating, fostering and facilitating equitable, shareable, collaboratively governed land use arrangements.”


Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

“As we move forward to implement blockchain technology to the product environment, it is important to provide enterprise level security and privacy to customers and society. MUFG has been actively involved in a number of technologies and projects to achieve this. We are excited to be part of the alliance that is creating and standardizing these principles as well as identifying the innovative business use cases through the coalition’s work.”

—Hirofumi Aihara, General Manager of Digital Transformation Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)



“With joining EEA, the Musicoin Project helps the alliance to expand the horizon to a new industry that has long been convoluted by complex licensing issues. We have successfully applied the Ethereum blockchain to the music sector and wish to improve and expand it to larger scale. At the same time we will share our experience with other partners, but also learn more from them and improve this technology, looking beyond to the future together.”

—David Werba, CMO, Musicoin


National Bank of Canada

“National Bank of Canada is pleased to join Ethereum and its community of innovators. Working on the next generation of IT platforms in a sharing-based ecosystem is aligned with our vision and strategy. We are looking forward to collaborating with this diverse group of partners.”

—David Furlong, Executive Leader Transformation, National Bank of Canada


Nordic Alliance

“The Nordic countries of Europe have been in the vanguard of internet penetration, successful startups and blockchain as a whole for some time now. Ethereum is the next step for the Nordic countries to maintain just that vanguard in the further development of the internet frontier.”

—Marcus Widegren, Co-Founder, Nordic Alliance



“At NXN we are excited about the potential of the Etherium Enterprise Alliance to revolutionise digital processes. We have been supporting digital transformation of government and real estate development entities for ten years in the Middle East. In that time we have rarely come across a technology that has the potential to so completely revolutionise our customers’ organisations and services. We look forward to contributing to the development of the platform.”


Qingxin Technology

“We are very pleased to join EEA, which provide the key enterprise blockchain standards and features, such as privacy, pluggable consensus framework and scalable architectures.”

—CEO, Qingxin Technology


Red Chalk Group

“Red Chalk Group is excited to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and continue contributing our knowledge and expertise towards the development of the common standards, practices, and reference architecture that will drive broader blockchain adoption. In our role as a strategic technology advisor to global enterprises and corporations, we see the ongoing development of enterprise-grade blockchain platforms and solutions as a critical next step in the evolution of this transformative technology.”

—Raymond Zenkich, Managing Partner, Red Chalk Group


Samsung SDS

“As a company whose key focus and experience is in delivering solutions for enterprise business, joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was a clear decision for us. Ethereum is one of the fastest growing blockchain technologies, with potential to provide exceptional benefit to enterprises. We look forward to active collaboration with the members of the alliance, and believe that there will be significant synergy opportunity to drive the adoption of blockchain in the enterprise space.”

—Kwang Woo Song, Vice President – Distributed Ledger Technology Business Group, Samsung SDS


San Francisco Stock Exchange

“When we set out to build the first smart contract-driven public platform for buying and selling US small business financial securities, we knew we’d need a distributed ledger technology stack that was both enterprise-ready and scalable, yet flexible enough for us to modify its protocol when needed and according to our use cases. For this reason we chose Ethereum, which excels in all of these categories. We are now delighted to be joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, where we can both contribute-to and benefit-from the acceleration of advances made to its ecosystem.”

—Benjamin Lozano, CEO, The San Francisco Stock Exchange


Smart Contract Japan

“Smart Contract Japan has been working to familiarize Japanese firms with Ethereum for much of the past two years. Through investment, consulting, media projects, and assisting with blockchain development, we believe the Ethereum ecosystem unlocks opportunities across various industries and will become a necessity for establishing industry standards across the Web 3.0 landscape. We are excited to join and globally support the EEA and the Ethereum community.”

—Kazuki Obata, CEO, Smart Contract Japan


SmartU Electronics Trading L.L.C

“As a leading blockchain solution provider for government services in Middle East we are delighted to be part of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. We believe that joining EEA will allow us to contribute to the definition of the reference architecture for the future enterprise-grade solutions with strong focus on government ecosystem. This will surely enable the future transformation of government services from e/m-services to smart contract based distributed services.”

—Maurizio Marinoni, Managing Director, SmartU Electronics Trading L.L.C


State Street Corporation

“Ethereum was one of the earliest blockchain solutions State Street leveraged to prove this new data construct. As the technology and application of

blockchain and distributed ledgers continues to mature, it’s critical that we remain engaged in and contribute to the development of industry standards and developments. We are excited to play a part in the future development of the Alliance.”

—John Burnett, Managing Director, State Street Emerging Technologies Center



“As a consulting firm focused on digital, business consulting and technology initiatives, Synechron has worked with our global clients on everything from blockchain use case development to platform selection and application building. This has given us experience across all of the major blockchain platforms, and we’re seeing clients gravitate toward Ethereum for use cases that could in the future require a mix of public and private participants. That said, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is doing important work to bring Ethereum from its public origins to a permissioned blockchain platform that can handle the heightened security requirements of industries like financial services. As part of the EEA, we expect to contribute to this effort through open source code contribution and by sharing our insights from building working blockchain applications. This will all help to address issues like security, privacy, scalability, and interoperability critical for blockchain’s long-term success in financial services.”

—Faisal Husain, Co-Founder & CEO, Synechron


Taishin Financial Holdings

“The primary motivation for Taishin Financial Holdings joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is its diversity and openness. We believe, that through cross-industry initiatives and resource sharing, that the full potential of blockchain technology in the digital economy will be realized. We plan to align closely with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and its global members from the financial industry as well as other industries. We look forward to taking advantage of blockchain technology in our digital bank, but also contributing our strengths to the Alliance.”

—Steve Sun, Chief Information Officer, Taishin Financial Holdings


Taiwan FinTech Association

“The missions of Taiwan FinTech Association (FFTA) are 1) to serve as a bridge for effective collaboration among the governments, financial institutes and FinTech startups, 2) to cultivate FinTech talents, and 3) enable a FinTech ecosystem for accelerating regional financial transformation and inclusive financial services.”


Tecnalia Research & Innovation

“Tecnalia, as the leading private and independent research and technology organization in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, is proud to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. As a Research Center our aim is to develop, pilot and lead to market technological solutions and services based on disruptive technologies like Blockchain for major societal and economic challenges in Europe. Tecnalia is excited to contribute with its experience in cybersecurity, privacy, scalability and interoperability in one of the most widely used multi-purpose blockchain technology.”

—Oscar Lage Serrano, Head of Cyber Security, Tecnalia Research & Innovation


Toyota Research Institute

“Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers are disruptive technologies with the potential to positively impact future mobility by accelerating the development of autonomous driving, lowering costs to consumers, and making more efficient use of the existing mobility infrastructure. Toyota Research Institute supports the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and its members in promoting common standards and tools to accelerate the adoption of this technology and the potential benefits for Toyota’s customers.”

—Chris Ballinger, CFO & Director of Mobility Services, Toyota Research Institute


TraderLynk Ltd

“At TraderLynk, we are excited about the prospect of initiating enterprise communications directly from the context of business transactions in decentralised applications. This creates a consistent timeline of financial transactions and supporting communication events side by side in a distributed ledger. With Ethereum, we can store the communications meta-data as ledger transactions on the block chain including a link to the recorded audio and video media stored for prosperity on a decentralised IPFS network. This will enable enterprises to track their cost of communication in real-time and be more proactive when dealing with business compliance.”

—TraderLynk Ltd


Trust Stamp

“Ethereum offers a perfect opportunity to create, store and recover hashed biometric identity tokens and we are convinced that it will fuel a new paradigm in immutable and universal identity authentication.”

—Gareth N. Genner, Co-Founder, Trust Stamp



“CESPI in UNLP is a networking and application center. In the last years we are focussed on cybersecurity and smart cities. We developed proyects on IoT for urban applications and testing IoT security, working to introduce blockchain in this field. We think entering Ethereum Alliance is the way to foster the use of Ethereum in these kind of applications.”



“Utocat is a French start-up specialized in blockchain solutions in the field of finance, bank and insurance. Since 2015, it has been developing its own access platform to the blockchains in order to facilitate and accelerate the development of its clients’ projects. Meanwhile, Utocat designs products based on blockchain in order to address business needs of industry.”

—Clément Francomme, CEO, Utocat


Vanbex Group

“Since 2013 The Vanbex Group has specialized in the blockchain industry working with over 40 companies in the areas of consulting, strategy, ICO marketing, Proof of Concepts, communication, and blockchain development. Now we are building our own products like Etherparty to bridge the gap between the blockchain industry and mainstream digital applications. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is bringing together the best minds in blockchain and we are honoured to be a member.”

—Kevin Hobbs, CEO, Vanbex Group


Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

“The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA) is proud to be a non-profit member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The WSBA mandate is to serve as the neutral, unbiased steward of cooperation and education for financial services firms seeking to evolve in a blockchain future. By becoming a member of EEA, we look forward to collaborating with this preeminent organization of Ethereum enterprise experts to focus on enterprise needs and truly guide and promote comprehensive adoption of distributed ledger technology across global financial markets.”

—Ron Quaranta, Chairman, The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance


Zerocoin Electric Coin Company

“The Zerocoin Electric Coin Company is proud to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to bring tomorrow’s technology to today’s leading global enterprises.”

—Zerocoin Electric Coin Company


The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts. Building upon the only smart contract supporting blockchain currently running in real-world production – Ethereum – the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance defines enterprise-grade software capable of handling the most complex, highly demanding applications at the speed of business.

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