As an EEA member, Valid Network is part of the EEA community of organizations working to advance Ethereum and drive industry adoption. In the Q&A below, the EEA interviewed  Co-Founder and CEO Kfir Nissan about how Valid Network is contributing to the ecosystem to help Ethereum reach its full potential.

Please introduce your company and yourself briefly.

My name is Kfir Nissan, and I am the co-founder and CEO of Valid Network. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and 20 years of experience in enterprise applications and security. My company, Valid Network, is an Israeli Blockchain cybersecurity and intelligence startup that raised $8 million to date in seed investment. Our technology monitors and detects security vulnerabilities and on-chain anomalies in Blockchain, crypto assets and networks. As a result, we’re able to provide actionable data insights to crypto investors, traders, hedge funds, and exchanges.

What first brought you to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and why did you decide to become a member?

We believe Ethereum and decentralized applications are the future of business and finance. As a growing startup in the crypto and Blockchain ecosystem, we’re happy to be part of EEA’s diverse community where we can collaborate and engage with leading companies around cutting-edge technologies.

What are you currently working on with regards to Ethereum? How will end-users benefit from your work?

Our crypto insights platform, Valid Data, monitors many assets on Ethereum networks and provides investors and funds with real-time insights, as well as predictive ones, on the security and credibility of such crypto assets. This allows our customers to understand deeply the risks and opportunities of various assets and take action by investing or selling upon a potential crisis, even before crashes are reported in the media outlets or forums. Valid Data is useful for individual and institutional investors looking to learn more about crypto assets and acquire a financial advantage.

How will the EEA enhance your organization’s current efforts?

Valid Network recently led an EEA webinar on the state of security in a decentralized world, and we were happy to share our expertise in security and the dangers of cyber-attacks in the new financial ecosystem being built on the Blockchain. Through the EEA’s workshops and events, we continue our efforts in educating the world about Blockchain security and forming partnerships to advance the adoption of Blockchain among leading enterprises.

What EEA programs are you most excited about?

Events and discussions around Blockchain security, such as the EthTrust Working Group and related interest groups always excite us!

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