By Sonal Patel, co-chair of the Ethereum Training Quality Working Group

Are you searching for resources to build your expertise in web3 concepts? Do you get frustrated when you’re midway through a course and realize it strongly promotes a product or company, leaving you questioning the accuracy and neutrality of the info? Do you find yourself struggling to find good resources to share with your peers so they can learn more about Ethereum and web3? 

The EEA’s Ethereum Training Quality (EthTQ) Working Group has made its development version of the EthTQ Resource Repository available to the public, to help solve the problems above.

The Resource Repository contains recommendations from industry professionals within the EEA on courses, educational resources, and certification programs on web3 technologies. The resources are proposed by EEA members and evaluated for accuracy, neutrality, and credibility by the Working Group before being added to the repository. Users can filter to find content based on their current skill level, whether they’re technical or business oriented, and the cost of the content, to find resources that fit their needs. 

About EthTQ

The Ethereum Training Quality Working Group within the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance focuses on developing quality standards to assess education and training resources in the Ethereum and adjacent ecosystems. 

Reach out to [email protected] with questions or to get involved.