Mark your calendars. Our EEA Ethereum 7th Anniversary Special is fast approaching, and we want to see you there. This 90-minute virtual event will celebrate the Ethereum community and how far it’s come in the seven years since the platform’s launch. We’ll discuss Ethereum’s many milestones and contributors as well as what makes it a unique and valuable business tool. Register now and join us on July 28th at 11am ET for what is sure to be a great event!

The EEA is proud to offer a wide range of content to help all businesses understand and harness the power and potential of Ethereum. As preparation for the event, and in honor of Ethereum’s 7th anniversary, we’re sharing seven great resources you can access now to learn more about Ethereum for Business. We’re confident that you’ll find helpful and valuable content from the selections below, no matter where you are on your Business Ethereum journey.   

1) The EEA Ethereum Business Readiness Report 

We recently launched our inaugural Ethereum Business Readiness Report, which represents one of the first attempts to systematically assess the capabilities and potential of Ethereum as a business platform. The report is designed to help the broader business community better understand Ethereum’s capabilities and potential, and through case studies, interviews and original Ethereum ecosystem research, it sheds light on the use of Ethereum and Web3 technologies to solve real-world business problems. Learn more about the report and download a copy here.   

2) The EEA Primers 

We’re excited to offer our EEA Primer series as a companion to the Business Readiness Report. This series of primers is designed specifically for those new to the Ethereum ecosystem. These two-page primers offer introductions to many of the different concepts and facets of Ethereum, and blockchain as a whole, to help more professionals start their journey on the platform. Each primer is downloadable, and EEA members have the added benefit of being able to co-brand the content. Check out our current offerings and stay tuned as we’re adding new content each month. 

3) EEA Webinars

The EEA hosts regular webinars featuring EEA members and guest speakers presenting on a range of Enterprise Ethereum and Mainnet Ethereum blockchain topics. Learn about everything from DAOs to Layer 2 to Sustainability – and beyond – via our wide range of webinars available on demand. For info on upcoming webinars, sign up for our newsletter using the form at the bottom of our homepage.   

4) EEA Newsletter

Speaking of which… the EEA monthly newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on the EEA’s work, but it also offers industry use cases, the chance to join special webinars and events, and the latest in Enterprise Ethereum and Mainnet Ethereum blockchain technology news. Sign up using the form at the bottom of our homepage and gain access to a monthly digest of ecosystem news and happenings that will help you stay up to speed in this dynamic space. 

5) EEA Community Projects

Perhaps you’re not yet an EEA member, but you’re interested in getting involved in some work on the Ethereum platform. Check out our EEA Community Projects page and our dedicated Community Projects Blog to learn about some exciting opportunities currently open to the general public. EEA Community Projects provide support for open source development of code, APIs, standards, and reference implementations. Everyone is welcome to contribute to existing projects, and new suggestions are encouraged. Learn more about EEA Community Projects here

6) EEA Blog 

The EEA blog is another great source of content for those looking to learn more about the space. Posts cover a range of educational topics, such as Ethereum’s environmental footprint and next steps in Crosschain Interoperability. They also offer insights on ecosystem news, details on new EEA groups and initiatives, and Q&As with members. Access all the EEA blog posts here.  

7) Ethereum in the Enterprise

Last, but certainly not least, take a look back at last year’s Ethereum in the Enterprise content, when we celebrated six years of innovation and advancement by the global Ethereum community. Read through the in-depth content to learn about the Ethereum innovation cycle for business and commerce, how Ethereum is driving the next wave of business innovation, the many business benefits that Ethereum offers, and more.  

Clearly, if you’re interested in learning more about the power and value of Ethereum, there’s no shortage of resources available. We work hard to provide the information that businesses need to start building on and reaping benefits from Ethereum, and we’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest in the Business Ethereum space. We’re always coming out with new content, so we hope you’ll check back often. For now, take some time to explore the above, and don’t forget to register for the EEA Ethereum 7th Anniversary Special for another great opportunity to learn. 

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