Join the EEA and Global Blockchain Leaders at the Hi-Con Conference in Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 10, 2018

October 25, 2018

Join the EEA and Global Blockchain Leaders at the Hi-Con Conference in Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 10, 2018

EEA is pleased to be an official partner of Hi-Con 2018, a premier conference for the next generation of dApp creators, engineers, innovators, and industry experts, being held on Saturday, Nov. 10th at Hiyoshi Campus Collaboration Center’s Keio University Hiroshi Fujiwara Memorial Hall in Tokyo.

Hi-Con 2018 is organized by the largest dev community in Japan, called Hi-Ether. “While Japan is known for its large cryptocurrency market, we believe this conference will highlight the technology-side of Ethereum and connect Japanese dev community to the global Ethereum ecosystem,” said Akinori Machino, an organizer of Hi-Con, and a developer of Ethereum-based applications.

It’s an opportunity to meet and speak with EEA’s Regional Head Kazuaki Ishiguro. With the next version of the EEA specification expected to be released soon, Ishiguro can discuss EEA’s standards, technical groups, nearly 20 special interest groups and resources that leaders need to achieve business results. Ishiguro is the Chief Blockchain Architect at technology company Couger, an EEA member, where he is developing the company’s next-generation, blockchain-enabled Virtual Human Agent technology called “Connectome.”

“This is an exciting opportunity not only for the industry in Japan but worldwide. With our expanded presence in Asia, the EEA is well-positioned to help global firms speed up business transactions, build a greater trust in contracts, and create more efficient business models using the EEA’s standards-based framework,” said Ishiguro. “At the show, I look forward to meeting with the EEA members and companies interested in learning more about Enterprise Ethereum blockchain.”

It’s a must-attend event for blockchain leaders, engineers, product designers, and developers to gain practical, knowledge about creating Enterprise Ethereum decentralized applications and getting insights into the protocols, workflows, contracts, and other interfaces that are changing the way that software and applications operate.

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