Blockchain is the future as is evident from the ETFs, Rewards & Loyalty programs, digital assets progress, and real-world assets interest.

Ethereum is the largest, most trusted blockchain ecosystem. And the EEA helps put Ethereum to work for business today.

The EEA is a global community of blockchain leaders, adopters, innovators, developers and businesses. We’re accelerating business Ethereum through professional and commercial support, advocacy and research, standards development and ecosystem trust services.

If you’re interested in Ethereum

Get the information, training, and support you need to put Ethereum to work for your business or career.

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We’ll promote you within the EEA community and create the networking and business development opportunities you need to grow.

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Whatever stage you’re at in your Ethereum business journey, we have the resources and expertise you need to go further.

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We’re your trusted partner in a trustless world, offering unbiased, accurate Ethereum business information and resources.

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From multinationals to Fortune 100 to start-ups, from exchange to DAOs, EEA members benefit from connections, collaborations, and EEA expertise and guidance.
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