ConsenSys Academy Online and In-Person Programs

The EEA and ConsenSys Academy are collaborating to offer educational Enterprise Ethereum programs to EEA members at discounted rates. Attention EEA members: To apply your discount, log into the EEA Member Collaboration site for instructions.

Online Courses/Guides

Developer Program On-Demand

This is a comprehensive, self-paced program with anytime, anywhere access to course material. The schedule is flexible, allowing you to learn on-demand – all at once or a few minutes at a time. This program provides motivated developers all the necessary content, tools, and tips in order to build their Ethereum knowledge and development skills at their own pace. The course will cover Ethereum concepts, introduce key developer tools, go over security best practices, and explain the other aspects of smart contract and dApp development.

The Developer Program On-Demand provides learning through the independent study of multi-modal content and access to ConsenSys Academy forums rich with Q&A and the knowledge to take your career to the next level. This course is self-paced and is administered in English.


  • Year round open enrollment
  • Self-paced and content accessible for one year from the date of enrollment
  • Limited community support through ConsenSys Academy forums

Price: $300
EEA Member Price (20% discount): $240

Developer Program: Bootcamp

This end-to-end Ethereum course provides experienced developers with the knowledge and skills needed to become industry-leading Ethereum developers. This online course will cover foundational Ethereum concepts, introducing key tools, security best practices, and other aspects of smart contract and dApp development including building a front end.

This course has been created by top Ethereum developers at ConsenSys and is continuously updated to offer the latest and the very best in Ethereum development. The ideal learner has at least one year of programming experience, will be an experienced and passionate Object-Oriented Programmer (preferably Python), and is familiar with general web development, JavaScript, HTML, and Git.

Price: $1,000
EEA Member Price (10% Discount): $900

Blockchain Basics: Guide to Blockchain (for non-developers)

Blockchain Basics is a guide written for those who are new to blockchain technology and want to gain a greater understanding of it. The e-book covers themes ranging from the history of the technology to architecture basics, to business applications, and more!

Price: $15
EEA Member Price (20% discount): $12

In-Person Education

EEA members receive a 20% discount on all In-Person Training Programs. Travel expenses and payment processing fees are excluded from the discount. Please login to your EEA Member Collaboration site to access the discount instructions and to sign up for available slots for these programs.

Blockchain for Developers

This program is designed to train the next generation of Ethereum developers to support the evolution and growth of the Blockchain ecosystem. There are three editions of the course:

Smart Contract Developer

This three-day training focuses on educating developers in Blockchain fundamentals, including Ethereum and Smart Contracts. Upon completion, participants will have mastered the basic principles and skills for Smart Contract development.

dApp Developer

This four-day training focuses on educating developers in core DApp skills (decentralized applications). Upon completion, participants will be able to design and develop secure and functional Ethereum-based applications.

Ethereum Developer

This five-day training is a high-level combination of the Smart Contract and DApps Developers editions. Upon completion, participants will have the fundamental skills needed to build Smart Contract and basic DApp development.

Blockchain for Executives

This program was developed to educate executives and professionals on the benefits of Blockchain and how companies can leverage this technology to generate value and competitive advantages. Participants will become proficient in identifying business opportunities that can advantageously utilize Blockchain technology. This program is offered in two editions:

Master Class Edition

The Master Class edition of The Executives Program is a 4-hour training that will focus on providing an understanding of Blockchain technology and Ethereum. Upon completion, participants will be able to grasp the main concepts and key use-cases of Blockchain technology across major industries.

One-Day Edition

The One-Day edition of The Executives Program is a 7-hour training that will focus on providing an understanding of Blockchain technology and Ethereum with an eye towards identifying key business opportunities. Upon completion, participants will have gained an understanding of the technology, familiarity with key applications and the ability to identify business opportunities across major industries.

Blockchain for Enterprise

The Enterprise Program focuses on implementing blockchain technology in enterprise contexts, taking into consideration corporate and business requirements such as scalability, privacy and permissioning for blockchain-based products and services. Participants will become familiar with blockchain-based solutions available for enterprises, as well as future features for driving enterprise adoption.

Ethereum Enterprise Developer

The Ethereum Enterprise Developer edition covers key topics regarding the implementation of blockchain technology to enterprise solutions. Real world use-cases for enterprise blockchain enable cost reductions, increased efficiency, transparency and most importantly, security. With this mind, this program covers topics ranging from blockchain solution architecture to permissioned blockchains. The aim of this training is to enable enterprises to launch Blockchain-based solutions on top of permissioned blockchains.

Webinar Series

The Webinar Series covers how blockchain applications improve the status quo in the industry, understanding the role played and value added by blockchain technology to enterprise applications. The aim of the series is to explain how this technology is applied in different industries (e.g. Finance Services, Health, Energy, Retail, etc.) and how blockchain adds value in enterprise-level uses cases.

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