EEA TestNet: Platform for Validating Application Functionality and Performance

EEA members can now test their Enterprise Ethereum applications at scale in a controlled manner through the EEA TestNet. This testing “sandbox” enables members to gain insights and experiment on the best ways to deliver value to customers without incurring operational costs of a live environment. Pre-deployment testing helps members avoid network failures that could significantly diminish credibility and market confidence. In addition, early testing prepares members to take advantage of the EEA’s Certification Program when launched later this year.

The EEA TestNet’s controlled environment is orchestrated and managed by Whiteblock’s Genesis testing platform, an end-to-end blockchain testing and development SaaS. Whiteblock’s established testing methodology and tooling have been proven to accurately test complex networks at scale.

Created exclusively for EEA members, the EEA TestNet:

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EEA Members: The EEA TestNet is free and available now. Participate by logging into the EEA Collaboration site

Streamlines the process of testing and developing scalable products, making it faster, easier, and more affordable.

Provides a live, easy-to-use, automated production network where users can place network links between simulated nodes with packet loss, latency, and bandwidth constraints.

Offers flexibility to teams needing to iterate quickly.

Enables the reuse test files to ensure they can accurately compare results between test runs.

Here are a few relevant use cases:

  1. Measure Fault Tolerance: Scale your network and implement a network partition to measure and observe the fault tolerance of your system.
  2. Security Tests: Run a variety of practical security tests like simulating a 51% attack on your network.
  3. Load Testing: Run load tests on your smart contracts to measure gas costs and understand your limits under a variety of conditions.
  4. Blockchain Migration: See how your blockchain migration would integrate with an enterprise business’ legacy systems.
  5. Integration Tests: Run integration tests and measure the effects of EIPs or other changes.
  6. Disaster Recovery: Replicate your production network and hot sites to test and measure the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan.

Whiteblock has worked with some of the most prominent projects in the blockchain space, including Ethereum, Protocol Labs, Starkware, and others. Their team is equipped with extensive experience working with distributed systems and networking. Learn more about Whiteblock Genesis and its suite of features here.

As part of their membership, EEA members can get TestNet portal information through the Member Collaboration site. For EEA members who desire full discretion over the architecture and compute power of their testing networks can learn more about the features, and start running their own TestNets today in Whiteblock Genesis by visiting