EEA Trusted Compute Webinar #4: Synchronizing Systems of Record: A Baseline Protocol Introduction

December 14, 2021

Industry leaders, including EY, Microsoft, Accenture and SAP have been working for several years on a new common and formal design pattern for the synchronization of data and business logic on machines that coordinate workflows across multiple companies. A more flexible, ‘plastic’ and antifragile approach, one which is straightforward and low-cost (with zero or minimal capital costs) has been needed. In 2021, the name of this new specification, emerging from the venerable standards body OASIS, is called the Baseline Protocol.┬áSamrat Kishor, Partner at Golden Next Ventures, is a tech strategy consultant turned entrepreneur and tech investor. He has worked with consulting giants such as KPMG, Deloitte and Accenture Strategy in the past. He is the Co-Chair of Baseline Protocol and Regional Head of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. He specializes in the fields of Blockchain and AI and can be reached at @samratkishor on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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