Contact Information: [email protected]

Region: Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, South America

Country: United States

City: Las Vegas

State/Province: NV



Industry: Arts, Banking & Insurance, Blockchain, Computer Software, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance, Enterprise Integration, Enterprise Software Tools, Ethereum, Financial Services, Fintech, Gaming & Entertainment, Information & Communication, Technology

Member Type: Financial Services, Infrastructure Specialist, Tech Provider

Company Description:

Noves transforms how you work with smart contract data. By eliminating the complexity of individual protocols, we deliver a rich and simple surface for working with transactions and related data. Taking it even further, we collapse an increasing number of blockchains into a single, unified API, delivering the most usable transaction data available anywhere.

For portfolio management, accounting, tax, custody, wallets, research, or any application where seeing exactly what happened on chain is important, Noves serves unparalleled data.

Areas of Expertise:

Ethereum, EVM, data APIs, Defi, NFTs