Contact Information: [email protected]

Address: 4-1-4 Roppongi

City: Minato

State/Province: Tokyo

Zip/Postal Code: 106-0032

Country: Japan



Industry: Banking/Financial, Blockchain, Business Technology Consulting, Computer Software, Development, Enterprise Integration, Enterprise Software Tools, Ethereum, Fintech, Stablecoin, Supply Chain

Member Type: Financial Services, Tech Provider

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Company Description:

Datachain is a company that creates value through interoperability for blockchains. Datachain is the initial committer of YUI, a Hyperledger Lab, that enables interoperability between multiple heterogeneous blockchains through Cosmos IBC. Since YUI uses the IBC protocol, it can connect different blockchains without any third-party intermediaries. Datachain also develops Cross Framework that enables cross-chain transactions between multiple blockchains.

Typical use cases of YUI and Cross Framework are DVP settlement and PVP settlement. For example, we have conducted a pilot test of DVP settlement between digital assets on Hyperledger Fabric and digital currencies on Ethereum with NTT Data. Please visit here to learn more about the use case.