EEA and the Ethereum OASIS Open Project communities represent a wide variety of business sectors from every region of the world. This relationship allows each of us to become more active in the other’s community by finding ways for our respective efforts to be complementary and compatible. We both will continue to grow our respective communities and pursue technologies and standards that may be unrelated to the other, but now Ethereum business innovation is being housed at one collaborative organization – the EEA.

The Ethereum OASIS Open Project has grown significantly over the past few years, bringing greater awareness of the Baseline Protocol and open source-based standards to the Ethereum ecosystem. Joining the EEA as EEA Community Projects will help the Ethereum OASIS Open Project take advantage of increased support and collaboration, particularly through enhanced marketing, testing, and events programming.

EEA members will benefit by taking advantage of using open source technologies as a business solution and will have access to a broader pool of developers working on Ethereum initiatives. Under the EEA Community Projects banner, EEA members can initiate both member-driven and community-driven projects, whichever is the best path forward.