With leadership from the EEA and support from OASIS Open, “EEA Community Projects” is THE place for Ethereum-based technologies and standards work in the industry. EEA Community Projects now offers well-trodden innovation paths for both member-driven initiatives and community-driven open source projects. Now businesses looking to innovate with Ethereum no longer have to choose between the EEA or the Ethereum OASIS Open Project to leverage a wider network of resources and further accelerate innovation.

As EEA Community Projects, the EEA’s standardization and open source community expertise are now at the service of the entire Ethereum community. Working within a process that is predictable, fair, transparent, and time-tested, EEA Community Projects provides a forum for those who wish to move beyond a single open source implementation to an ecosystem containing multiple diverse implementations that conform to a standard. EEA Community Projects exists to accelerate collaboration and innovation in Ethereum technology through the development and adoption of standards, documents, and best practices based on open source software. To access the EEA Community Projects GitHub, visit here.