A Virtual Conference from the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
December 3 – 4, 2020

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance would like to invite you to Sponsor our upcoming global blockchain conference. We expect 2,000+ attendees representing enterprise business and technology leaders from over 100 countries. This conference will be the premier showcase of the vital Ethereum community workdevelopment, and innovation ongoing in Asia Pacific, and across the world.  

This will be a FREE, virtual conference. We believe this strategic move will increase the Sponsor’s visibility, networking capabilities, and engagement insights. As the event is free and open, and with all the excitement in the Ethereum ecosystem today, we expect a significant showing from top leaders across the world.  

There are multiple options available for Event Sponsors ranging between $2,000  $6,000 to suit interested organizations at all levels.  

Please email [email protected] for sponsorship opportunitiesavailable until November 25th. 

Sponsor Ethereum Hodler
(Bronze, $2,000
Ethereum Buidler
(Silver, $4,000)
Ethereum Unicorn
(Gold, $,6,000)
Pre-Event Event Promotion & Marketing Outreach
Logo & Link on Registration Page
Logo & Link on Landing Page
Logo on EEA Conference Webpage
Social Media Promotion (pre-event)
Inclusion in Sponsor List on Twitter
Onsite Marketing
Logo recognition on Conference Mainstage
Logo & Link on EEA Conference Webpage
Vendor Sponsor Booth (dedicated partner display)
Dedicated 1:1 Virtual Meeting Room
Social Media Promotion (during event)
Mainstage Break Ad (30 seconds)
Mainstage Break Ad (Prior to Keynote)
Post-Event Event Follow Up & Marketing Outreach
Social Media Promotion (post-event)
Contact List of Booth Attendees
Access to Attendee List
Access to Event Analytics
Access to Event Recordings / Transcripts
EEA Non-Members Become EEA Member (discount = 50% of sponsor value)

Ethereum Unicorn (Gold, $6,000 Sponsor)

  • Everything included with Ethereum Buidler (Silver Sponsor) as well as…
  • Mainstage break advertisement (up to 30 seconds long)
  • Mainstage break advertisement (prior to keynote, up to 30 seconds long)
  • Access to attendee list

Ethereum Buidler (Silver, $4,000 Sponsor)

  • Everything included with Ethereum Hodler (Bronze Sponsor) as well as…
  • Inclusion in event promotion and marketing outreach to 20,000+ community members (pre and post-event)
  • Social media promotion (pre, onsite, post)
  • Dedicated 1:1 virtual meeting room
  • Contact list of booth attendees
  • Access to event analytics

Ethereum Hodler (Bronze, $2,000 Sponsor)

  • Company logo and link on event registration page
  • Company logo and link on EEA conference webpage (pre, onsite, post)
  • Inclusion in sponsor list on Twitter
  • Company logo and link on conference mainstage
  • Inclusion in vendor sponsor booth (dedicated partner display)
  • Access to event recordings and transcripts
  • Become an EEA member – membership discount is equal to 50% of sponsorship cost (for EEA non-members)