In these unusual times, our Ethereum community continues to innovate and thrive. Blockchain leaders across the globe are banding together to advance their vision during this civil lockdown.

Why? Well because the times signify much of the foundational rationale for the inherent value of blockchain. Pioneers from all over once set out to create a world of collaboration built on a new foundation of trust.

Now more than ever, the concepts of transparency, cryptography, and decentralization bear repeating. As do the importance of global interoperability and open standards prioritized within EEA.

Let historic economic stimulation, healthcare uncertainty, and pandemic not affect our poise. Just last week, the World Economic Forum reported that blockchain and digitization could help supply chains survive crises like COVID-19. “Blockchain is the ideal technology to ensure that data on performance and risk, which underpin all chain finance transactions, can be shared in an authenticated manner with financiers and other parties to a transaction, even when there is no direct relationship between them.”

Valuable investment into real-world use cases and new applications like these continue to take shape. Our members lead initiatives to accomplish what so many seek: improved data management, streamlined processes, greater transparency, increased risk management, heightened security and compliance, to name several.

Despite the peculiar circumstances, our growing global community of leaders, innovators, and developers continue to collaborate to create enterprise-ready blockchain solutions.


You Don’t Want to Miss – Monthly Education Series

Join us for an in-depth conversation on all things DeFi. Ryan Sean Adams, founder of Mythos Capital, will accompany EEA Chairman of the Board, John Whelan, who is also the Managing Director of Digital Investment Banking at Banco Santander.

They plan to discuss a range of topics such as the state of cryptocurrency and what a decentralized financial world truly looks like. They will share their unfiltered opinions on the impact DeFi will have on the world as we shift away from traditional core financial systems.

Members within the EEA regularly gain access to invaluable content and resources like this. Upon joining, any member from your organization can participate and collaborate.

Upcoming Public Meeting – May 13 @ 12:30 (ET)


How to Get Involved

The Ethereum community was invited to a public webinar on April 3 that featured leadership within the EEA and Ethereum Foundation.

  • Want better understanding of how business applications are being built and run on Ethereum Mainnet?
  • The presentation was focused on the work produced in the EEA Mainnet Working Group and various other EEA Technical Working Groups. If you missed it, our member Unibrightuploaded a recording of the presentation, seen below.

Recent Meeting – Mainnet Working Group


We invite the community to participate in the EEA Task Force survey of enterprise use cases and applications for Ethereum Mainnet.

Public Survey – Enterprise Use Cases


Blockchain Community Recognition

An effective way to become well recognized in the industry is to actively participate in our leading Technical Working Groups and Special Interest Groups. We have seen numerous members build deep credibility in the blockchain community by leading within the EEA.

As an EEA member, any your organization’s employees can access our collaboration site and join our various groups. These groups drive all the valuable activity and resources within the EEA, and they’ve always met virtually – so our members continue to connect and advance without losing momentum.

Here is a glimpse into what several of them are up to:

  • A.I. and Blockchain Special Interest Group: They have built a cohesive, rapidly expanding group of thought leaders who research, explore, and champion the synergies of artificial intelligence and blockchain. They develop enterprise use cases and formalize the integration of the ongoing proliferation of learning models, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.
  • EMINENT (Ethereum Mainnet Integration for Enterprises) Task Force: Their focus is to build open source available reference implementations and guidelines for Ethereum Mainnet integration with enterprise “systems of record”. Business processes that full under this umbrella include ERP, CRM, and supporting processes in financials, controlling, material management, sales, distribution, and human resources. The EEA work focused on the baseline-protocol resides here.
  • Enterprise Use Cases Task Force: The goal here is to align the allocation of resources in the Ethereum community with the needs of enterprise applications and developers. This Task Force explores enterprise use cases and identifies the requirements and specifications essential to building future-state solutions.
  • The Financial Services Special Interest Group: Industry leaders collaborate to ensure the solutions and specs developed meet the needs of the greater FinServ industry. They create innovative new use cases while converging blockchain and traditional financial systems with focus on compliance, legal, and regulatory best practices.
  • The Supply Chain Special Interest Group: As the world evolves as do our supply chains. Their charter is to explore new ways to solve existing supply chain challenges and build systems that will thrive in the globalized future. They drive the use and adoption of Enterprise Ethereum to streamline processes, improve data flow, and mitigate distribution risk .

Your team could contribute to the development of best use cases and technical specifications that benchmark EEA as a world-class standards development organization.

No Better Time Than Now

Now more than ever, you need a strong voice in the Ethereum ecosystem to thrive. The EEA has a very strong social following, and we’re very happy to highlight anything your team is doing in the Enterprise Ethereum space. We’ll promote your applicable projects, blogs, or upcoming webinars through our social channels, and utilize our monthly newsletter to promote any news that covers you and your projects.

As a member-led organization, our goal is to drive the use of Ethereum blockchain technology as an open standard to empower all enterprises. We connect Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts.

With hundreds of members located across 45 countries, we welcome your team to join us!