Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Is Going Strong

May 16, 2017

It has been a busy few months since the launch of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and we have several exciting developments to share.

When we announced at the end of February that we had formed an Alliance to define enterprise-grade software on the Ethereum blockchain, we could not have imagined such an enthusiastic reception. In the following weeks, we received hundreds of applications for membership from enterprises, startups, and academic groups, and offers of support from the growing community of Ethereum specialists and experts. As a result, the Alliance will soon welcome a new cohort of members.

The technology we are building inherently drives collaboration, and we expect it to become increasingly robust, thanks to the growth and diversity of our contributors across industries and sectors.

Building the Stack

We have named an official Technical Working Group, whose members have already made important strides building EntETH1.0, the protocol that is the basis for the Alliance’s ongoing work.

The EntETH1.0 reference architecture seeks to accomplish three key objectives:

  1. Configurable Consensus: the ability to swap consensus mechanisms depending on the type of environment one wants to create
  2. Privacy: the ability to have only the desired counterparties (and regulator, if necessary) able to see a transaction
  3. Rules Based Access Control: the ability to have role assignment, role authorization, and permission authorization

The protocol is the result of collaboration between experts from member organizations. Work on the protocol is being led by these Technical Working Group members:

  • Banco Santander – John Whelan
  • BlockApps – Kieren Lubin-James
  • Bloq – Jeff Garzik
  • BNY Mellon – Alex Batlin (chair)
  • BrainBot – Heiko Hees
  • CME Group – Jonathan Morley
  • ConsenSys – Bob Summerwill
  • Cryptape – Jan Xie
  • IC3 – Andrew Miller
  • Intel – Sanjay Bakshi
  • J.P. Morgan – Tyrone Lobban
  • Microsoft – Marley Grey
  • Monax – Silas Davis
  • Nuco – Jinius Tu

Application Layer

We predict that some of the most important work to emerge from the Alliance will come from the application layer working groups that have formed since the launch. Members have the opportunity to self select into working groups within the organization and build projects publicly or privately, however they choose, using Ethereum-centric smart contracts.

We currently have active working groups in identity, banking, and supply chain. In June, we will form further working groups that include pharmaceuticals, mobile, and energy.

Join us at Consensus 2017

The Alliance will drive work on Ethereum at the Consensus 2017 hackathon on May 20th to 21st. Please consider registering to participate in the hackathon, we want to see a strong showing of ethereum talent.

We will also be hosting a two-hour afternoon event that will include presentations, panels, and a demo on May 22nd at Consensus in New York. Hope to see you there. Please see here for more details on the event.

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