We’re still buzzing from our experience at Devcon 6 in Bogota last month. The Ethereum Foundation’s flagship event brought together thousands of Ethereum developers from all over the world for four days of informative sessions, education and networking.

As a sponsor of the event, the EEA had a table on the show floor, where Executive Director Daniel Burnett, Technical Programs Director Chaals Nevile and Director of Sales James Harsh met with attendees and spread the word about EEA’s latest business Ethereum initiatives and Interest/Working Group updates.

EEA at DevCon

At the event, Burnett teamed up with the Ethereum Foundation’s Dan Shaw and Tas Dienes to present on the EEA’s Ethereum Business Readiness Report 2022 and the EEA Community Projects initiative, respectively.

In the first presentation, Burnett and Shaw shared details on the Ethereum Business Readiness report, one of the first attempts to systematically assess the capabilities and potential of Ethereum as a business tool and show how it’s being used to help solve real-world problems. The report is available for download, free of charge.

In the second presentation, Burnett and Dienes discussed how the EEA Community Projects initiative is the go-to community for open source-based business standards development in Ethereum. EEA Community Projects, home to the Baseline Protocol and L2 projects, enables the Ethereum business ecosystem to leverage a wider network of resources and further accelerate innovation.

Additionally, we were thrilled to meet with more than 50 EEA members at an EEA Member Breakfast, graciously sponsored by EY. The breakfast featured presentations, great discussions and open networking. It was an invaluable opportunity to interact face-to-face with our members, many of whom we were meeting for the first time. Thank you to all the members who joined us.

We’d also be remiss if we failed to mention our projected Ethereum message on the hotel across from the conference center. It made quite an impression and helped pique curiosity in the power and potential of business Ethereum. We’re projecting a strong future for this space.

EEA QR code projected on Hotel Santafe in Bogota

The Big Takeaways

EEA events aside, the excitement that emanated from the activities and sessions at Devcon was palpable and energizing for those in the space. A large percentage of both attendees and presenters came from the development world, and it was evident from the quality of sessions and conversations that domain expertise ran deep.

An interesting theme that emerged related to the impressive progression of ZK-rollups. Judging by the buzz at the event, there’s a widespread perception that we’re going to see some radical changes in adoption and use with these rollups coming soon – a fascinating evolution that has significant implications for Ethereum efficiency.

“In all my years of attending and working at tradeshows and expos, I have never experienced anything with this much energy, excitement, optimism and willingness to learn and share ideas,” said James Harsh. “We rarely had 30 seconds between attendees at our table and usually had two to three folks listening in to our conversations. Personally and professionally, this was truly an experience like no other! My only regret is not being able to speak to more people.”

If you connected with James at the event and would like to dive deeper, or if you would like to begin a conversation, please reach out to him at the address below.

A Global Impact

Finally, it’s important to note the significance of Devcon’s location. Bogota was thoughtfully chosen by show organizers and speaks to the conference’s goal of bringing Ethereum to communities the world over, especially to those where it can make a significant impact immediately.

As stated on the Devcon site, “Ethereum isn’t merely a technical solution, but a community. While blockchain communities in Europe and North America are already strong and vivid, we can have a big impact today in newly developing communities. Over the past years, we’ve seen young Ethereum communities sprouting in Latin America, and the potential growth is tremendous.”

At the EEA, we couldn’t agree more, and with a growing contingent of Latin American based members, we look forward to seeing what exciting developments come out of this region in the near future.

After an inspiring week in Colombia and some time to digest everything that came out of the event, it’s safe to say that the future is bright for business Ethereum. We look forward to helping more businesses get started on the platform and utilize this valuable tool to achieve their goals.

To learn more about EEA membership, reach out to James Harsh at [email protected] or visit https://entethalliance.org/become-a-member/

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