​In 2021, advancements in Ethereum technology have put it on the precipice of exciting change and possibility. As the technology has matured, business use and emerging market​ adoption have scaled. In the EEA’s Ethereum Takes Over the World session earlier this year, panelists highlighted Web 3.0 “paradigm shifts” taking place with regards to trust, governance, and centralization versus decentralization, similar to the evolution of the Internet and web protocols. The convergence of business and Mainnet interests, whether​ they’re related to supply chain, banking, DeFi, or NFTs, are redefining business and society as we know it.​

Ethereum is crossing the chasm for several key reasons, including technology advancements, evolving business standards like Baseline and Layer 2 solutions (L2s), and the roll-up​ technologies that will allow businesses to build lots of different architectures that interoperate with one another, via bridges or anchors. ​Let’s take a moment to look at the importance of Ethereum for the Enterprise business community, how far we’ve come, and the immense potential for where we’re headed.

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