Open source software has become increasingly important to the development of Ethereum business blockchain networks. Ethereum open source business communities, like EEA Community Projects’ Baseline initiative, among​ others, revolutionize business processes. They also work to establish the global business standards needed to address privacy, transactions, and smart contract communications between companies on the Mainnet.

EEA​ Community Projects serves as a hub for open source community and member-driven standards development, benefitting users across myriad industries. Since its launch in 2019, EEA Community Projects has already seen​ significant traction with a number of big-name sponsors. 

The Baseline standards effort helps businesses reduce capital expenses, while increasing operational integrity when automating business processes across multiple companies – otherwise known as “baselining.” CONA Services (Coke One North America) launched a project using Baseline with Provide and Unibright to establish a “Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor,” and SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google Sheets all have Baseline proofs-of-concepts. 

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