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EEA Technical Director

Reports to Executive Director of the EEA
Location – Open – preferable North America or Europe

The Role:

  1. Develop and ensure execution of technical strategy and roadmap for EEA in consultation with EEA Working Group Chairs, Technical Program Managers, EEA Executive Director and the EEA Board of Directors
  2. Ensure the design, development and finalization of EEA specifications is recognized as a world class standard
  3. Manage and maintain good technical relationships representing EEA with other players in the Ethereum Ecosystem including the Ethereum Foundation, EthMagicians and Eth Research.
  4. Primary Lead Technical representative of EEA presenting in technical fora, e.g. Ethereum Foundation events, Hyperledger events, EEA Work and Special Interest Groups, meetups
  5. Manage and prioritize the technical engagement between EEA and standards bodies such as IEEE, ISO, and related initiatives and industry orgs such as HyperLedger, GSMA, BITA, etc. as needed. Collaborate with EEA standards experts/Executive Director in determining engagement strategy.
  6. Consulting with the Technical Program Manager, who sets the EEA standards development process and supports the chairs and non-technical EEA staff in their support of the technical standards work
  7. Consulting with the Certification Program Manager, who will manage the EEA Certification testing program
  8. Liaison with key technical representatives from other EEA members
  9. Work with marketing team to understand and capture use-case requirements
  10. Be a resource to EEA membership services as technical expert to new and existing EEA members when needed to explain the scope, strategy, and goals of the technical work at EEA
  11. Ensure EEA training resources meet expectations regarding selection and quality of content

Skills & Experience:

Required –

  1. Exceptional public speaking and written communication skills
  2. Good technical understanding of distributed systems, cryptography, consensus algorithms, Blockchain and specifically the EVM and Ethereum relevant protocols such as DEVP2P, LIBP2P and RLPx
  3. Knowledge of coding
  4. Understanding of the complete blockchain landscape and its challenges such as scalability and privacy
  5. Experience of working in the Enterprise environments and relevant IT topics such enterprise architecture and security
  6.  Understanding of Enterprise integration, relevant patterns and some knowledge or experience of blockchain specific use cases.
  7. Background in software development, information security, networking or design and implementation of large scale enterprise systems.
  8. A working knowledge of Ethereum and how it functions; good understanding of Ethereum technical standards, e.g. ERC-20, ERC-721,ERC-165)
  9. Ability to see the full picture and understand how different pieces of a solution fit together to complete an end to end solution.
  10. Good documentation skills

Preferred –

  1. Experience working with multiple distributed ledger clients and protocols such as Parity, Ethereum, HyperLedger.
  2.  Knowledge of enterprise blockchain platforms such as Quorum, Pantheon, and Fabric.
  3. Experience in engaging with industry standards organizations
  4. Experience in understanding Open Standards development (e.g. IETF, W3C, ISOC).  Preferably direct experience with editing specifications, chairing working groups, and process development, preferably across more than one standards organization.
  5. A working understanding of how to use Github or related systems for rapid, distributed specification development
  6. Experience with agile/lightweight development methodologies
  7. Programming experience
  8. At least 5 years as a system architect in a large organization

Position is:

  • Full-Time employee of EEA
  • Industry competitive salary
  • 401K – matching up to 6% of base compensation
  • Choice of compensated medical care


Submit resumes to [email protected]